Wyn Wiley Shoots Gymnasts In An Awesome Way

Wyn Wiley Shoots Gymnasts In An Awesome Way

Wyn has been featured on Fstoppers quite a few times. Why? His work is outstanding. He comes up with some really cool concepts for shots. From using LED's on a basketball shoot to powder with Gymnasts. He does it all perfectly.

Wyn has sent me his latest shoot and I was simply blown away with the shots. They are not your ordinary Gymnast shots. He was able to add drama and that extra little bit to really make the images pop.

Take a look a these and let us know what you think!














Make sure to head over to his Facebook page for more!

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Frank Dorhoff has been using powder in one form or another for years. From Dance to High Speed action..

I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't done a photoshoot with powder.

lolzs :P

I use powder every shoot *sniff*

People, just stay away from: Smoke, Powder, Water and HDR.

Other clichés to stay away from: People, Lights, and photos without Smoke/Powder/Water.

There's nothing wrong with any of those things. They're things that can add crucial elements to a photo. However, if the photo isn't interesting except for those items, well, it's shitty photography; it has little to do with the powder, or the smoke or the HDR itself.

The use of powder here works because of the context. Gymnasts use chalk or rosin heavily in their sport. Wyn is an amazing young talent.

This is just so damn amazing. The first image in the post body with the gown spread like wings is just phenomenal. The lighting, the poses, everything is top notch.

Wish the lighting and saturation on the skin tones weren't so harsh. I do like the dramatic red against black though.

Yeah, I agree. it feels like he was just a little too trigger happy with the contrast and saturation, although there are some pretty striking images in the set

Personal choice, .. I find these images outstanding!

these are phenomenal, wyn. pay no mind to the the negative feedback. haters gonna hate. i love these shots. well done. for everyone else, check out wyn's portfolio: http://www.wynwileyphotoblog.com

Amazing photos!! Also Brook Sheldon uses power in some of her photography.

I feel like these days people on the internet are always looking to criticise ihnstead of appreciate. You call working with chalk cliche, I call it classic. Wyn's work is amazing! I e is brilliant, few more experienced photographers and older photographers do what he is doing. love from Kenya and South Africa, #TeamWynWiley

I can't really criticize any of these images, they're good, however there is nothing new or exciting here. I taught action photography for more than 5 years and my class shot dancers and gymnasts from the beginning, routinely turning in photos like these. One of my students posted this portfolio last year http://laurazekephotography.blogspot.com/2012/09/portfolio.html

Again nothing against these images or the photographer, but this concept just seems so overdone, not what I expect to see featured on fstoppers?