Behind the Scenes of 'After DayZ'

In this behind the scenes video we follow the team over at Corridor Digital as they create a stunning and moving fanfilm after the video game mod of DayZ. Corridor Digital is made up of two friends, Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer . Apparently, Sam and Niko are huge fans of the zombie video game mod and wanted to tip their hats to the creators of the game. In the behind the scenes video they talk about filming on location and the VFX process. Below is another video by Sam and Niko explaining their workflow while filming and editing.



You can find Corridor Digital on their Facebook Page and Twitter.
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Nice work guys. The setting looked amazing too.

They do great work. I enjoyed their "Googley Eyes" short better though.

If corridor and Freddiew didn't exist anymore, would you guys truly have any interesting BTS anymore?

I mean, 4 ads for a simple repost of someone else's content? Do you guys truly do anything genuinely interesting anymore?

The comment is legit guys. Where is the original content that used to be here?
Now it's just endless posting of other peoples content.
And the point of checking Fstoppers is to see if there actually is anything created BY Fstoppers, like the "old days".
Rehashing content found on other sites is far from a quality site.

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I know, I tried to delete my comment....but I dont know how. Hah

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I played this mod for a little while. The idea behind it is more interesting than the mod itself. Thanks for the story.