Behind the Scenes of a Dark and Dramatic Portrait

Sometimes you want a portrait that just screams drama and emotion. Sometimes that emotion might be joy, other times you may want to portray a sort of dark, brooding atmosphere. In this tutorial by PHLEARN, Aaron Nace walks you through a method he chose to turn a daytime portrait into something much darker.

Below, see what Aaron started with...



And then take a look at what he ended up with...


For the full tutorial, head on over to PHLEARN and while you're there, don't forget to check out their Pro Tutorials.

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I always learn so much from this guy... He is the reason why i improved so much.

He's just simply admirable--he shares everything he knows to us.

10% photography, 90% photoshop...i don't like it !

He is ALWAYS smiling... I dislike this, haha.

And photoshop or not. You still need a good image to start with....

George Socka's picture

is it just me or has this website not been updated in a week?