Behind the Scenes of the Oscars (Academy Awards) Trailer

Academy Awards season is swiftly coming and to get the buzz going a little earlier the Oscars have come out with a brand new trailer with talk-show darling Ellen DeGeneres and 250 dancing extras. The trailer was directed by Paul Feig who is best known for "Bridesmaids" and "the Heat". It looks like they used an ARRI Alexa to film the trailer. It's a fun and cute glimpse into what we can look forward to at this coming year's Academy Awards show.

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nice. BTS are always interesting

There used to be a website that focused on BTS videos. It had GREAT quality stuff, much of it being original content, but alas it just turned in to another news website that was more concerned with clicks than content.
Can't remember what it was called. F-Goers or something like that...

haha... they had to make money i guessed :)

I think it was Fstarters...

Reminds me of that episode of HIMYM with the song 'Nothing Suits me like Suit'... ( - the last minute or so in particular!

Awesome movie!