This Is The Best Timelapse You Will Ever See... This Week

This Is The Best Timelapse You Will Ever See... This Week

I know that we have shown a lot of timelapses lately but our readers really love them and each month someone seems to raise the bar on quality or creativity. It is now Dominic Boudreault's time in the spotlight with his film "The City Limits". This film has the most amazing cityscapes I have seen to date. Make sure you watch this thing in HD full screen.

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I just had en eyegasm...

what a beautiful movies. Wish could see it in a cinema. By the way I loved the music.

Sorry everyone, I have a question, how do you do overnight time lapses that last longer than a certain amount of time?

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Using a gradiated filter you can expose the sky and the lights below properly by having the ND portion at the bottom. Then you need to use a wide angle lens in order to take a longer exposure in order to get the sky and not get star streaks. at 35mm you can do about 20-30 seconds. At 15mm you can go upwards of a minute. Each frame of this lasted for several seconds.

At least this is what I would do to attempt such a project like this.

The Grid!

is it possible to find out some stats on this like how many images shot, how long the project took

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Love the vantage points for the city scapes. Brilliant !!

Was this HD video or a series of timed exposures? Anyone know the tools of his trade for this production?

I thought the end brought me back to Koyaanisqatsi. awesome work.

I love how it ended with God's creations. City light still can't touch the stars....

MAN = 0
GOD = won

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True. It was interesting to enjoy 2.5 minutes of the beauty that man has created on this planet and close with the beauty of God's creations. Thanks.

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Was that a custom soundtrack?  

no it is from the Inception Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, the song is called Time.

WOW! Stunning. 

Impressive, but check out this one


Do you think it's hdr? I'd think that but short cars trails and people make me think it's not hdr.

That's MY city! :P


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Wish I could say I'm super impressed. Am I the only one that isn't as blown away?
Sure it's a good timelapse, but I've seen a great many I like better...