[BTS Video] Todd Jones Shoots X Games Athletes at 1,000 FPS with Phantom HD Gold

Who doesn’t love watching the X Games? Those athletes are crazy. Just as captivating, though, is this behind-the-scenes two-part video on The Northface and X Games Baldface commercial. Director Todd Jones pulls out all the stops in this two part BTS documentary, breaking out a Phantom HD Gold, a helicopter, and building one really enormous jump. The crew headed out to Baldface Park for a ridiculous couple days of shooting, and I love listening to Jones explain the difference in approach when you’re shooting with a camera that captures 1,000 frames per second. Possibly the coolest part, though, is in the second clip, where you get to watch the fresh powder explode off the athletes’ skis in slow motion.

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I hope this isn't a new type of video player you guys are using! I can't pause, rewind or anything... hate it.

Philipp Blum's picture

Have to agree, I think it's all HD but I can't even fullscreen and pause it.. Kind of sucks :(

Nathan Cashion's picture

Yeah, but it's ok, guys, you can pause by clicking on 'Info', and the video sometimes fast forwards itself, like this: http://youtu.be/H9mJqGQskCs?hd=1  */sarcasm*

But really, Fstoppers, the redesign is a step backwards. I get confused between featured images and the big fat ads right next to the post title. Speaking of which, shouldn't a post title span the width of the article? I love what you guys do, but this is kind of ugly. :-(

I'm just hoping this video glitch is an embed problem from the original source, and not your new video player.

romain VERNEDE's picture

videos don't work here (mac 64bits+safari)

Sorry about that, guys! I'll see what's going on

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Epic shots!

k's picture

Works here, Awesome footage!!!! Thanks for sharing.