[BTSV] Photographer Brings Marvel's Emma Frost To Life

A lot of us are photographers because it puts food on the table, but the best of us never forget that we chose this profession because we love what we do. Darrel from BGS Studios is a fantasy and sci-fan photographer who makes the fantasy just a little closer to reality. If you check out his blog, you can see that he creates images like this pretty frequently, though I have to say this is one of his better works. The creation of the fake snow to build the perfect set, the inclusion of the cat, and the cold look to the image really portrays what I think when I hear "Emma Frost."


From Jaron:
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How you guys did the snow? 

its really nice what they did.. but rather than getting fake snow and bringing the animals there... why didnt they go to some snowy location, its already winter. and as i see they didnt even shot the animals and the female model at the same time. so they could get the animals in chroma, why they got them here in this location?

Well done! Was this a test shoot? I would love to hear a bit more about what it takes to work with animals (permits) and some of the behind the scenes regarding the costume and details. Thanks for sharing!