Corey Rich Explains How He Captures Both Still And Motion In The Field

Corey Rich's work spans both photography and video, often using Nikon DSLRs to capture both. His projects take him to hard to reach places, and being able to manage his gear in both modes quickly, enables him to come away with great images. In this video, Corey explains his choices for gear and shooting style on a climbing trip in Pakistan.

You might find it silly that Corey does this video while wearing his mountaineering duds, but it's to illustrate the point of how tricky it can be to do things like access gear while wearing gloves, and how to secure items while hiking or climbing through brutal conditions. He even explains why he doesn't put the lens caps on when he isn't shooting!

At the end of the video, Corey goes through some other items that he had at basecamp, as well as some items he would have asked an assistant to bring, if he had that luxury. It's validating to hear that even the pros can go through the same struggles on their projects as the rest of us, where they are limited in what they can carry, and aren't always able to bring help.

Dig Corey's work and want to see what else he has been up to? Head over to Corey's blog.

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Cool! Love Corey's work! Found him on creativelive where he was lecturing on capturing stills & motion. We shoot stills & video @ the same time during every shoot with several cameras: . I'm surprised that more folks don't mount video cameras on their DSLRs to capture cool video alongside stills. More photographers need to view their work as an extreme sport and use mounted video cameras in the same way surfers and racecar drivers use HD Hero GoPros! :)

Hey - funny you should mention it - I actually do mount a GoPro for timelapse work on light stands or tripods, depending on the situation, and an underwater photographer friend of mine dives with a D4 in a housing with a GoPro attached to it to capture video footage of the dive. Great idea for more people to exploit to create more content from the time they have with a subject/theme! Some of my stuff is on I'm actually flying a GoPro on a Phantom, combining land and air footage for an extra bit of value for some clients and on some personal projects as well.

Great sharing! As a person from a warm climate, i personally find the challenge w fighting the cold (low temperature). Thats very tough.