'Drift' Is The Most Beautiful Short Film You'll See Today

Its not uncommon to gaze and completely lose yourself during those long flights to and from your destination. The latest film from Tim Sessler is just that; a film composed of shots taken out of an airplane window during a long flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia. The end result is mesmerizing, calming and quite simply, beautiful.

Tim created this little short film using his Canon 5d Mark III, and a mixture of post processing effects. The black and white, selective focusing and beautiful self generated pans make the entire experience dreamy and soothing. The entire film is only a mere 3 minutes long, but definitely worth watching if you need a quick calm down session.

And be sure to watch Tim Sessler's other films on his Vimeo Channel.

[via - Gizmodo]

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Zach Sutton is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and headshot photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work highlights environmental portraiture, blending landscapes and scenes with portrait photography. Zach writes for various publications on the topic of photography and retouching.

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Pretty cool. I appreciate the fresh take on an old and tired subject (things shot out commercial airplane windows). 

Also, the music, for those wondering (he cut out the best part!!)


I was expecting and hoping for something more like this:

 Yeah... that's awesomeness.

Way better than the short clip posted above. Thanks for sharing!

tunning camp add? good pictures, not so good storyteling.

great find!

Tim Sessler is his name on Vimeo not Sissler

Beautiful film, and very well put together.

nice but what was the point of fake black and white? BW was what it was in 1930, but then God invented colour

the video gave me a headache.  sorry, but if you're going to shoot a video with nothing but panning, then make sure you're video camera has a high enough FPS rate so the whole video isn't juddering..

Could've also been solved with a lower shutter speed, probably. The rolling shutter was pretty painful to watch

Hardly the most beautiful film short...but a unique landscape clip. I would put into the same class as star capture movies instead of a film short.

true, it's footage. hardly a "film".

1. SF to Philly is not a "long" flight.
2. This could not have been created in one flight. Too much of it is close to the ground.
3. It's a interesting idea nonetheless and I give the creator credit for coming up with it.

The flight was from San Francisco to Philadelphia with a layover in Salt Lake City. So I got two take-offs and two landings :)

Thanks for all the comments - and sorry about the rolling shutter. A lower shutter speed or higher fps won't change anything - in fact it would probably look even worse. Thats just the problem of DSLR's - would have needed a C300 or comparable to get cleaner footage.

The next time :)
Thanks again!

Good-looking work, Tim. Cheers.