Follow Brian Matiash As He Goes Urban Exploring For Unique Images

This new video from the Life In Focus series from F-Stop Gear tells the story of Brian Matiash, an urban and landscape photographer from Portland, Oregon. A departure from the usual mountain or expedition setting, it's cool to see a photographer who is working on the streets of a city and how he makes use of the rugged F-stop bags. Hear Brian discuss how he got into photography and what motivates him to shoot urban areas.

Brian Matiash is a Brooklyn, NY born shooter with a passion for HDR photography who now resides in Portland. He has always been passionate about photography, and now works for Google+ Photos as a Community Manager. During the shoot, you can see how Brian thrives in this sort of environment, with the sounds of the trains, the overcast light, urban feeling just seems to energize his creativity. Below are a few of his images (one from this shoot along with a few others).






This shot with a Canon 7D over two days by Cameron Sylvester.

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so whats unique?

Timuçin HIZAL's picture

Come on. Realy?

let me guess... you would prefer us to read about you shooting cucumbers bein stuffed in jars... fool

Timuçin HIZAL's picture

:) fool? funny shutterbug. try to identify cucumbers with yourself. maybe than availability of learn something about photography. fake name coward. (everybody knows who u are ;)
ps: omg vote up yourself and vote down me? I'm lucky that saw right on time. you're real cucumber. :)))

Photography: Lame. Dude: Over himself. Video: Sick color grading. DP: great eye. Editor: Genious.

There is the real lesson! This is a commercial for a bag line, and as such they are marketing the lifestyle, not the results. The HDR mentality of "take 7 shots instead of 1 good one" also seems to go with the "take 7 lenses" mentality - resulting in the need of, surreptitiously, a multi-compartment, weather proof F-Stop gear bag.

you dudes are so insane, sometimes your on point then you post some horrible garbage like this. these pictures are awful

UrbEx style is not for everyone, as well as HDR. I actually like the story. Guy goes where his career takes him, eventually he's able to make a career out of a passion.

Nic Cage's Hair's picture

I wish he'd go back to his mountain and expedition settings. And take his hdr with him. Yuck.

I just have to tell you... your profile picture of Nic Cage's Hair made me laugh outloud. So funny!

I actually like the images even if HDR is overdone. The dude does what he loves and he doesn't shoot these photos for anyone's approval but his own.

wow... the amount of disgusting comments is surprisingly high.

These types of post are the reason why I have gone to petapixel more for photography news/blog

And yet you're here.

well he didn't say he was completely gone. Just less Fstoppers

am I watching a horror film?

I thought this was a parody making fun of photographers then I realized it was real. haha glad i'm not the only one thinking this guy is a joke. C'mon people be creative and do you and not what everyone else is doing. I guess it is just too easy to think with someone else's brain these days.

Hank's picture

This guy clearly has a boring day job. Lame.

Way to rub the exposed front element on your backpack... :P

Bob Bell's picture

Well I liked it, just went through me a bit when his lens was rubbing on his bag!

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youre the man Brian

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Love watching you in action Brian. Beautiful photos!

The video was excellent & I like some of his work HDR or not. I think very good luck to him if he enjoys what he does and gets paid for it. I am however disappointed on a continual basis at all the really spiteful negative comments that are directed at the photographers or the images or the video makers or fstoppers themselves. I get this site for free along with the videos and the hints and the advertisements and the work that I sometimes don't like but it is FREE ! Last time i remember photography is still considered an Artform and like any of the other ARTS some we like and some we don't. Just because i don't like something I don't feel the need to rubbish the person that created it, I just move on. This need to get spiteful, with others work, I think shows either a lack of education, jealousy/lack of ability or a major dissatisfaction with their own lives.

c'mon guys, F-stoppers is free for everyone of us, they must throw some advertising here and there.. don't be silly and use your own eyes and what's behind them: since when is HDR the key to good exposure? since when is abandoned place the most beautiful place commonly overlooked? srsly. this is lame.