This Magical Snow Video Was Shot On The iPhone In One Take

Last week Jerusalem had one of the heaviest snow storms ever recorded in the region. Media outlets called it a "Historic Storm" and "Biblical Snowstorm," and thousands of people lost power and got stuck at home. Some even got stuck in their cars on the highway. This didn't stop photography student Nitzan Yogev (24) from going outside, hopping on the light-rail train and recording one of the most captivating snow videos I've ever seen - and all shot on the iPhone 5s.

The video was shot using iPhone 5s set on 120fps (the new slow motion feature) and then slowed down to 24fps in post processing. Nitzan decided to use the iPhone because his DSLR was stuck back home at the moment of shooting. To make the shot stable he pushed the phone against the window. I don't know about you guys, but I think it worked out just fine. This video proves that amazing creative work can be done with what you have with you. You don't need a $50,000 camera to create something unique and creative.

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I did something similar recently. I was in the train on my way to Amsterdam and I used my iPhone 5S to record the scenery in slow motion. I edited the video straight in iMovie for iOS. Check out the result:

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That sequence with the train travelling along on the other platform was my favourite :)
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! I quite like this shot as well ;)

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really enjoyed it... thanks for the share

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That vid is blocked in UK :(

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Well, that's it. I'm selling all my dslr equipment and carrying my iPhone to shoot the next wedding.

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So the point you are trying to make is..... you can make an Iphone video with an Iphone.? And Iphones make decent youtube videos?

I liked the video, and I have no problem with it being posted to say, "Hey check out this video! I like it and I think you will too."

But trying to make it about something bigger strains credulity. The photographer obviously has an eye and the wherewithal to see potential, but it means nothing beyond that.

We get it. You don't need expensive crap. Can we stop trying to make everything about that now?

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People are really touchy when one person's creativity seemingly puts another's into question. We get it, you're professionals. You've put the blood, money, sweat, and tears into your craft. Can't we just enjoy the film for what it is - a film?
Stop whining. Enjoy it.

Happy holidays.

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thank you :)
it`s just a nice video to watch, I did not make it for people to see as art or something, just testing the new iPhone in the snow and loving the result

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No need to justify it. Just keep doing what you're doing and ignore the critics - haters gonna hate.

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He must be new, here in the Troll section. Ollie is right, it's brutal out here. Ignore it, Nitzan. It's awesome!

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Fascinating video. I would love to see the same scene from the same bus in the summer. Maybe a split screen with the left side of summer and the right side of the snow.

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nice video!

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Just what I needed. Now with an iPhone you're already a professional.
Sell ​​your photography equipment and buy a damn IPhone!!!!
You place the damn phone at the window, you start filming and you're a creative.
With any mobile in the range of your iPhone you can do that, or even better.
By the way, these blots on the sides of the video are horrific.

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I like how your comment before this one was about chocolate cake.

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i`m the dude who made this video
the thing is I left my dslr back home since I was in a hurry to leave jerusalem when it started. the tram I got on was the last one and it didn't even got me to the central station.
the blots on the sides are water drops...

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Oh, I miss that place :(

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Amazing! Would love to do a short article on this for Insync magazine, with URL to the video, of course. Robert Render Harrison, Insync magazine

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Amazing! OK, I forgot my e-mail address!

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Pretty cool video.

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@nitzanyogev:disqus I loved it. Well done, very atmospheric.

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I shot a video quite similar to this.
I used a $50,000.00 camera.
My video proves that amazing creative work can be done with what you
have with you. You don’t need an iphone to create something
unique and creative.

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It's not the technology that should be applauded here and by the comments it seems people have missed that point. This could have been shot with an Epic, 7D, or Super8 for that matter. It's the creativity and art that we should be respecting. This would make a fantastic opening or closing credit to almost any film. And for that it should be respected. Nitzan Yogev captured the moment, not only that but a very rare moment. Want to know the real kicker... For all the better equipment that could have been used, Nobody else filmed it in such a unique and captivating way. Hats off to you Nitzan! way to go!

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that's not "one take". that's not a take at all.

as for "magical" -- okay, i'll give you that one.

season's greetings

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beautiful outcome... enjoyed it very much

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absolutely beautiful capture!!! loved everything about it, every second, spontaneity, location! thanks for sharing! well done!

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great idea but could have easily been more spectacular at no cost in time or money : if their traveling was going with the wind (and not against the wind as they chose to do) the slowdown of the snow would have been much more spectacular as horizontal snow speed could have been = wind speed - car speed ( close to 0 if they drive at the correct speed) instead of wind speed + car speed