Make Any Camera Shoot Ultra Slow Motion

We have posted about Twixtor before but today I was sent 2 great examples of it being put to use. Instead of simply slowing frames down, Twixtor actually can create as many frames as you like for super smooth ultra slo mo. Obviously nothing beats actually shooting at 1000fps but this program is quite good in most cases. We used it on every frame for the intro of The Wakeboard Studio Shoot.

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Could you guys post a tutorial on how to do this at some point?

Hey, this is a repost...

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Repost? Was this in a Wednesday Rundown or something?

I think bstunt is talking about this post:

Yes this is a full length music video. Some of the old footage is used but for the most part it is all new.

for some reason when I viewed this post, I only saw the 2nd video :|

Hi, would be really great if you guys could do a tutorial on using twixtor.

I really don't think that it requires a tutorial... It's super simple. Check this out.

Just make sure when ur shutter speed is high or else you'll get a lot of "ghosting" effect on your video...

note: shutter speed & fps are not the same.

Shutter Speed vs FPS

seems like they need to name it something else since the shutter isn't actually clicking for each frame on current video cameras.

I concur. Its really confusing at first, but when I watched the video it made more sense.

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Hey guys Im thinking of posting up a tutorial ASAP because with this video, it wasn't as simple as just applying Twixtor. I used mixture of both 'Twixtor Pro' and 'Twixtor Pro : Vectors in' for shots like 1:15 where there we had the fire moving at a different speed to the water, it took a lot of heavy masking and rotoscoping as well :) once its up I'll post the link here. Thanks for watching and commenting.

Great! I never learned more than the basics so it will be a big help to me too

Thanks for featuring my musicvideo. It is all new footage (though similar to my older video).

Definitely not as easy as applying twixtor and letting it do its thing. A lot of rotoscoping and other various techniques went into remove the ghosting and warping caused by twixtor.

The revision fx folks will be showing some of my stuff and a breakdown/tutorial type deal at NAB of how I work with twixtor.

Does it really work that good with like the 5D Mk2? What I´ve read (several months ago on the other hand) it would require 50 or 60 fps to look good..

Anyone tried with 30 fps?

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It won't work as well, the more frames you give twixtor the better. But if it was a more simple scene then it might work ok. The trouble with fire and water is that they are both very difficult things for twixtor to interpolate because of their speed of movement. Fire is certainly a lot harder because of its randomness.

Absolutely amazing. These videos have consumed me and have inspired me to dig back into video on my Canon T2i. The last few days I have been trying to replicate the effect that you have seemed to have mastered. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Here's my attempt using Twixtor in Premiere Pro CS5. Shot with my Canon T2i. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Hey man really cool video u made !! But can i ask what camera u use ?

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Wow really nice. Whats the music in the first video?

Recently I found a new tool for creating super slow-motion videos, which is called <a href="" rel="nofollow">ReSpeeder</a>. It would be interesting to see the comparison with Twixtor.