Photographer Chris Rainier Tells the Inspiring Stories of His World Travels

In this fantastic video from National Geographic Live!, documentary photography Chris Rainier talks about his adventures around the world, the myriad cultures he's encountered and the power of photography to translate an emotional response to the art that exists all around us. Rainer began his career as the last assistant to Ansel Adams - a position he doesn't take lightly and one that helpe define is way of seeing.

Rainier's work has lead him from tribesman in Polynesia to the war in Somalia to photographing the highest ranking concubine for the Yakuza. His stories and approach to photography are brilliant, thoughtful and something we could all learn something from.

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Tim Yang's picture

An amazing photographer! I have always wanted to be a national geographic photographer. He pretty much inspired me along with James Nachtwey.

clair estelle's picture

wow, some great photography stories there!