Using Instagram To Stalk, Err.. Pick Up Girls? Be Careful What You Share On Social Media

I've read plenty of articles online about the sharing of user information, privacy settings on facebook, and the creepy things that someone could do with malicious intentions. In this video, Sam Pepper uses Instagram location tagging to find girls in the area, and makes them believe they know each other by sharing information they posted online.

Thankfully it is shared at the end to the unknowing victims that it was just a prank, but that also all of the information was easily pulled off of a quick social media check.

While I'd like to think that I am relatively smart about not sharing too much information, this video turned me on to the public nature of location tagging in Instagram photos. One of my personal fears is having publicly available information related to my schedule and residence. If someone can figure when and where I will be at a certain place, then they could potentially break in to my home and steal all of my stuff. Yet another reason to get insurance?

Here's another similar video which inspired the first one.

So what kind of social media poster are you? Do you share anything and everything or do you keep things close to the chest? Do you accept that nothing is private anymore and you simply don't have any fear of a tattooed Brit stalking you for your phone number?

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E Port's picture

TIL: You can get away with stalking people--only if you're young, british, and a hipster.

I heard a few weeks ago about an app that would use facial recognition and SM websites to tell you about a person.. So you could just walk around virtually scanning people in the street before approaching them in a similar way to above video.

Creepy as hell..

And now combine such a software with Google glasses...

make women so horny to chase you to get laid with you