[Video] Wingsuit Flying: The Reason That GoPros Were Created

Halvor Angvik and Jeff Nebelkopf created this video with the help of Red Bull and JokkeSommer. The fact that Red Bull sponsored it should tell you all that you need to know: It's absolutely incredible. I've seen some crazy wingsuit stunts before, but this has been captured impeccably with the use of multiple camera angles and follow cams (that's right, someone chased someone else with a wingsuit just to get more footage of them to make this video). I was speechless throughout: my favorite shot? Weaving in and out of gondola towers and crevices at what is probably approaching 100kts at 3:00.

So what have you done with your GoPro lately?

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Tam Nguyen's picture

How does one fly with such big balls of steel?

Ghislain Leduc's picture

I gotta try this one day for sure !!!

Jason Vinson's picture

 right there with you on that one!!

Chris Miller's picture

yet again an awesome video ruined by dubstep 

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Alex Marnoch's picture

A truely disgusting display of advertising......totally ruined it for me.