Vincent Laforet Plays DP For TV Commercial

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Lee Morris's picture

Man I want to play with one of those Phantoms

great video!

Zack Williamson's picture

I love how they have GoPro's mounted everywhere haha

That was awesome! Beautiful end result.

Richard Grebby's picture

I cant stand that advert as ive seen it way too much now that im staying in the US. But it was interesting to watch the making of and it is well made!

Wish I could watch this one... but I don't have the password!

same here, please give us the password ^^

That is quite a production for a one minute video, but it was well done and an emotional ride. I don't really watch television so I wouldn't have had a chance to see this otherwise. Thanks for posting.

Would have liked to see more info for the bts, but I agree, the finished product was definitely more interesting.

Normally I don't see the behind the scenes videos looking so good. Great spot too. @zack, I had to look at the video a second time to see the GoPro's. It's cool with a expensive production like this that they used those too.