Watch How Light Shapes a Face - Sparkles and Wine Teaser by Nacho Guzman's

A good photographer or videographer depends on good lighting to create a shot. Lighting creates the mood of any scene and sets the stage for the story you're trying to tell. In an unusual but entrancing method, Nacho Guzman creates a dramatic scene and shows how quickly light can change the mood and expression on a woman's face. Although the woman in the video only moves her face subtly over time, the rotating light around her causes striking mood shifts in the image. If nothing else, studying the angles of light hitting her face is a great way to learn how lighting can affect a portrait. Although this is just a teaser, I cant wait to see his final product. How would you apply this concept?

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Bruno Inácio's picture

Wow! Until nowadays, it was the camera and the actors who move on the image, now, with lighter lighting solutions, more sensible sensors and also AE, things will change a lot!
Nice post, thanks!
Ah, I think this is a teaser from a music album and not a teaser from a longest version video! :/

Ignacio Guzman's picture

sorry for the password, last minute little changes, the video is now available, hope you enjoy. By the way, no After Effects, everything old school. ;)

Ignacio Guzman's picture

and the entire video coming on next month

Bruno Inácio's picture

Hmm nice. I thought it was a teaser for a music album! :D
Ah, of course there's no AE in that video! I was just talking about new evolutions on video/cinema world, and, work with moving light and also other new tech's will change a lot of things! Cheers, Excelent work, i'm curious about the entire video!

David T's picture

The video seems to be "private" for me... It says I need a password, and after 5 guesses, I gave up.

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Gustaveux's picture

Can't see it, what's up with the password.

John E's picture

Password protected: Too late.

Why's picture

Why is it password protected? I just watched it like 10 minutes ago and it wasn't protected!

Tam Nguyen's picture

DAFUQ did I just watch?

Green Life's picture

I love the roaming nose or better the shadow of the nose. Eerie.

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Nice idea, but the drastic perception shifts would be much more effective if you slowed it down considerably.