Skillshare Launches Online School of Photography with 20 Iconic Photographers

Skillshare Launches Online School of Photography with 20 Iconic Photographers

Having just started in photography two years ago I have a strong passion for creatives willing to share their passion and tips with the community. Fstoppers included, its one of the reasons I found all the information I needed with little to no cost starting out. Skillshare is launching an exciting series of classes highlighting how some of the best photographers in the world do what they do best, take incredible photos and share them with the world.  Skillshare, if you aren't familiar, is a site dedicated to design, creativity, technology and entrepreneurship by sharing real life techniques and tutorials through video classes. Starting today they are featuring an entire page of courses by top tier photographers from all sorts of backgrounds and skill levels. Within each class is series of videos touching on all aspects of the teachers process and technique. Easily labeled you can see the tips from mobile photography legends like Tyson Wheatly to professional landscape photographer Chris Burkard where they walk you through live scenes and how they go about shooting them. The best part, each course is broken up into short snippets and you can watch them throughout the day or week without getting absorbed in hours of tutorials.

I am beyond excited about the announcement by Skillshare and cannot stress enough how important it is to continue learning and expanding on your career whether you are a pro photographer or just starting out. The vast samples of videos below touch on so many different areas it's easy to find something new in each course.  

Check out some examples of work from the teachers below along with the full list of photographers and schedule for courses offered over the next four months.

Photo by Tyson Wheatley
Photo by Tyson Wheatley
Photo by Tyson Wheatley
Photo by Dan Rubin
Photo by Dan Rubin

September 30, 2014

October 2014

November 2014

December 2014

January 2015


For further details and specifics check out more here and be sure to follow along as each photographer shares their background and process. 

[via Skillshare]

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Michael Alfaro's picture

awesome cant wait for van styles skill share class been a fan of his work for a while.

Alexander Möhle's picture

So basicly its like creativelive with some different Photographers and not just studio? :P

Dave Piper's picture

ace !!