Vimeo Releases Native App for MacOS with Final Cut Pro Integration

Vimeo Releases Native App for MacOS with Final Cut Pro Integration

If you use Final Cut Pro to edit video and share those videos to Vimeo, you might be interested in checking out this new app. Vimeo just released a native app client for MacOS, and it looks like it could be pretty handy.

Released Tuesday, the Vimeo app for MacOS (available for free in the App Store) integrates with Final Cut Pro and lets users export ProRes and other video formats directly to Vimeo. This will let you skip the step of exporting and then uploading your video, and just uploads it directly as it exports the video, saving precious time in the process. The ability to upload multiple videos at once is a huge “click start and go do something else” feature that shouldn’t be overlooked in your constant effort to increase efficiency in your workflow.

This app integration also lets you edit titles, descriptions, and privacy settings for your videos, get quicker access to video links, reviews, and embed codes, and get notifications about activity on your videos. If it's as streamlined as these screenshots make it look, it could be quicker to make these small changes than to go in through a web browser.

The app could be a welcome add-on for people who upload a lot of videos to Vimeo. It requires MacOS Sierra (10.12) or later. Check it out and let us know what you think about it.

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That's excellent for the 3 people who use FCP...

I personally know more than three, so...

It's a pity the app is only 10.12 compatible and later. There's lots of us happily using stable 10.11.6 (no new file system) and FCPX 10.3.4.