BTS: See How 'Rogue One' Used Virtual Reality Controllers to Guide Virtual Camera Movements

BBC Click shared a video that gives an in-depth look at the tools used by director Gareth Edwards at ILM London to better show computer graphics supervisor Steve Ellis his desired camera angles and movements throughout "Rogue One." Using just an iPad and an HTC Vive controller, Edwards was able to explore the virtual, computer-generated world to find the best shots, which were then communicated to the VFX team so they new exactly how to guide the virtual camera movements throughout the film.

Although the "Rogue One" VFX Oscar nomination didn't turn into an actual award, as with every Star Wars film preceding it, the film certainly pushed boundaries when it came to creating a lifelike world out of thin air. Ellis speaks throughout the clip about the various shots gathered for areas such as Jedha City that were then layered into the backgrounds of compositions to create unique and less contrived scenes.

Check out the full clip (and the film itself if you haven't already!) for further looks into what goes into making the world's most popular blockbuster sci-fi. What was your favorite part?

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