Chris Crisman Shoots The Perfectly Powerful Peanut Campaign

His client list reads like a who's-who in iconic businesses: Pearl Vision, American Standard, Shell Oil, Virgin Galactic, AOL, Wells Fargo, Salesforce, Red Bull, Minute Maid, Costco, and Allstate. He has even photographed celebrities like Kevin Spacey, Richard Branson, and Al Gore. No doubt you've seen the remarkable work of Chris Crisman in the past, but photographers want to know how does he do it? What does his studio look like? What equipment does he use?

We've posted some great behind the scenes videos from Crisman on Fstoppers before, but his time-lapse videos captured and edited by Robert Luessen are some of my favorites. Here’s his latest from The Perfectly Powerful Peanut Campaign that shows most of the 2-day shoot along with a tour of a studio most of us would love to have (along with his client list). 

You can catch more of Crisman's BTS videos on his YouTube page, and be sure to check out his website filled with unmistakable Chris Crisman imagery. 

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Tony Roslund is a third-generation photographer, specializing in architecture and food imagery. He is a nationally recognized member of the American Society of Media Photographers and the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers.

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I wonder how much you charge /day for a setup like this ! There are so many people involved and so much material !
I'm not even sure that I could handle so many people around , it's seems super friendly, but distracting !

When I need to shoot in a studio there is just the hair/makeup, the stylist if wanted, the model(s), the lights and my camera ! All the (pre)selection and post are done in my room on my computer in the quiet ...

Likewise, my productions are similar to yours....but what a dream to have a full production team that make everything easier and you can focus on communicating with client and shooting.

Awesome video! Looks like a fun shoot too.

That's pretty amazing! All that lighting and gear! I just wish I knew how to use it all haha

Chris is awesome. He's definitely one of my favorite photographers, and was even nice enough to let me hang out with him and Robert at the studio (which is an absolutely awesome studio, btw) and play with lighting while I was in Philly. Super cool guy. So is Robert.

Love my work

This was awesome. I recognized that studio right away! ATL shawty! One question: are the Octas behind him just for overall fill? I was wondering how effective they were that far back from set.

Joe, I'll see if I can get Chris to answer that, but if it's behind him then I assume they're for fill.

So fun producing this shoot! Weeks of prep went into this project from talent selections to very detailed prop selection and coordinating with the client. Wonderful crew and talent really helped to pull it all together and of course Chris who is so talented and inspiring to work with. Oh and a Big thanks to Big Studio, rocking it as usual!

Looks like you all had a lot of fun Callie. Congrats on a successful production!