Joe McNally Explains How to Light with TTL, Lighting Ratios, and High Speed Sync

For those of you who get into situations where you have limited time to set up, manually light and fine tune it to how you would like, well-known photographer Joe McNally shows how quick and easy using TTL can be when pairing an Air Remote with a Profoto B1 strobe unit. This would be great for event shooters, and setting up for quick portraits. Read on for two other videos on high speed sync and lighting ratios.

In this next video, Joe leaves the studio and shows how he is able to light a portrait, while working against the bright sun, but is still able to come away with an image at a wide aperture using high speed sync. He is able to accomplish this using the Air Remote, and by having a camera with that feature (in this case, a Nikon D4s or D810).

In the third and final video, Joe speaks to lighting ratios in the studio. He uses flash groups to control settings of certain lights at the same time, while keeping his main light separate, shooting in both manual and TTL modes.

If you'd like to see more of these kind of instructional videos, mostly relating to Profoto gear but still quite informative, check out Profoto's How To Light page.

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Frank Rodriguez's picture

Add the Nikon D70 and D70s to the list of cameras that allow high-speed sync flash. It's only a 6MP camera (more than enough if you mainly share photos online), but I got one for $50 and love shooting flash outdoors and balancing it with sunlight.

Larry Mockus's picture

EPLAINS???????? Really?
This was anything but the explanation. "I can do this with TTL", "HSS allows me to do this and that" and so on....
Explain = to tell how things work. Not advertise how wonderful Profoto or Nikon gear is!

Even though I know about these things but I still love to hear about them from different people - there might be some useful information that others forgot to share. So after watching the first two I was fuming but then thought: 'There's nothing to advertise with lighting ratios'.
OH BOY WASN'T I WRONG???? "With my Profoto Air control I can switch to this and this"

Mike, you have some good articles but what the fuck this?