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The Making of An Automotive Composite: Lexus LFA

Automotive photography can be an extremely rewarding niche in the photography industry. The fast, shiny, power-inducing machines that rush by in a blur of color can be a thrill to anyone photographer, but it can also be daunting making sure that every detail is just perfect. Automotive photographer John Zhang walks us through the post processing of one of his lates shots of a Lexus LFA.

Should the Photographer Pay the Model?

I get many viewer questions, but this is one of the most asked. What if the model wants the photographer to pay for the shoot? Before anyone raises concern, this is a photo shoot to build the model's portfolio, not for an ad campaign.

Facebook Likes Mean Nothing - Here's 3 Steps to Grow Your Following the Right Way

Most photographers have a difficult time turning their social following into income – Yes, even those with HUGE social followings. The great part is, it doesn’t take a genius to learn how to capitalize from your social following, whether it’s 100 people or 100,000. It just takes some research and small bit of effort.

Finding Inspiration and Happiness In Your Business

Finding work in the photography industry is always a challenge, and becoming uninspired is always a fear. Through his couple years of being a photographer, Phil Chester has found some ways to help find happiness in his work, and help build his craft into a successful business. He shared his experiences recently on The Define School blog and we're sharing it with you here.

5 Pro-Tips for Publishing Your FIRST Fashion Editorial

Walking into a bookstore, grabbing a magazine off the shelves, and seeing your name and images in print is nothing short of wonderful! Getting published in a fashion magazine is extremely rewarding, but it is no easy task, especially when getting started. Over the past 5 years I’ve been publishing in magazines ranging from online magazines to large internationally acclaimed publications.

Jerry Ghionis On Common Photographer Fears and Pitfalls

What do you get when you mix a little Australian photographer Jerry Ghionis with NJ Wedding Photographer Vanessa Joy? A conversation that talks about mastering the art of photography all in a half hour audio interview about common photographer fears and pitfalls. Jerry talks about his climb from his family losing their home to where he is today with nothing but a fierce passion and work ethic in his pocket.

How to Become a Nomad and Travel in the Digital Era

As a photographer, becoming a digital nomad empowers you to see the world as a native, not as a tourist. It’s helped me take better photos, boosted my creativity, and given me more time to dedicate to photography outside my day job. You don’t need to wait till you hit the road: you can start becoming a digital nomad now before you ever sell your house.

book more wedding photography

I came across a web app for scheduling appointments that was a complete game changer for my business! It's by far my favorite productivity tool. Every wedding photographer needs to check this out. It could be the missing link you need in your business to book more wedding photography clients. In my first week I was able to arrange seven meetings and book two clients. Wow! This changes everything.

Ten Tips to Creating Natural Photos

Conducting a smooth running photo shoot is a challenge. You need to create the right set conditions, manage the equipment, and deal with the models. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take in choosing the right models, while providing them with a relaxed and smooth-running environment. Having relaxed models can make or break a photo shoot because they’ll give you a more natural performance, which translates into memorable photos. Here are ten tips for working with models and managing the set in order run an efficient shoot and produce natural imagery:

Four Tips for Studio Organization

Now that I'm settled into my new 4200 sq. ft. studio, I have a ton of space. However, that wasn't always the case; in a smaller space, organization was the key to sanity. Tripping over gear and frantically searching for grip equipment is frustrating and doesn't look good in front of clients. I believe if you have an organized workspace that organization will be reflected in your mood while on set, allowing you to stay calm, cool, and collected. In this video, I show you four tips to starting down the path to a more organized studio.

Fstoppers' Featured Guest Blogger: Jeremy Cowart

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, we are going to have guests stop by to write posts, just for you, our FS readers. Some of these well known and accomplished members of the photo industry will be here to get something off their chests. Others to plug something. Some to teach and others to entertain. This month we are happy to bring you Jeremy Cowart and he wants you to think about something. Jump into the full post to see what's on his mind and be sure to check out all that his links have to offer. Thanks for this great post Jeremy.

Fstoppers Exclusive: Shooting Cirque du Soleil with Matt Beard

Photographing a Cirque Du Soleil show requires a bit of acrobatics from any photographer up to the challenge. Matt Beard is one of the few photographers, hand picked by Cirque, to bring his talent and experience into capturing both live action and beautifully staged shots. He has worked with Cirque for many years, under the wing of master photographer Veronique Vial (as a photographer’s assistant) and had gained first hand experience in the ways of a Cirque shoot.