Behind the Scenes of the 'Planet Earth II' Video of Snakes Chasing an Iguana

The sequel to the BBC-produced nature documentary series, "Planet Earth II," released a few clips into the wild recently to promote its U.S. release in January. You may have noticed one of these scenes making the rounds on social media in the last few days, which was a masterfully edited clip that features snakes chasing an iguana. If you were curious how they filmed some of this material, there are a few behind-the-scenes clips out that show how it was done.

Practical Beginner Tips for Studio-Style Pet Portraits

Last week, we covered why volunteering for an animal rescue or shelter is a great way to grow your pet photography business. If you do not own or rent a studio, being able to bring a portable lighting setup on location for pet photography is an excellent alternative. When photographing animals in shelters, portable lighting will allow you to achieve a consistent style with your photos. This short video produced by the team at Westcott demonstrates practical tips for simple studio-style portraits of dogs and cats.

Boost Your Pet Photography Business by Working With a Rescue Group

These days, more and more of us are investing in professional portraits of our pets. What better way to forever preserve the memory of our nonhuman family members? If you offer pet photography either as one of your services or as your sole specialty, you can appreciate that photographing animals professionally brings forth a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Delving into animal photography opens the doors to channels for marketing and networking that are specific to pets. As a dog photographer, one activity that has given a huge boost to my business is volunteering my services to a local dog rescue organization.

Paul Nicklen's New Book, 'Photographing Wild': Learn From a National Geographic Photographer

Photographer Paul Nicklen recently released a two-hundred page ebook titled "Photographing Wild: Techniques of a National Geographic Photographer." Mr. Nicklen has been taking photographs for the magazine for over twenty years now in some of the most remote places on earth. He is also one of my personal favorite photographers out there today, so buying it for myself was an easy decision to make. His underwater images are always fantastic, and just seeing all of his wildlife photos come across my social media feeds is always inspiring to me.

Birds Captured in Bursts Make for Some Great Photos

Xavi Bou shoots image-bursts of birds and then compiles them in Photoshop to form the working project called "Ornitographies." It almost looks like frequencies moving across the photograph, and there’s a visible rhythm that is not so obvious when comparing it to what we know as an image of a bird flying. It tells a story, capturing an event in totality. These images show how birds move together as one organism, communicating in some way or form to make their flight time together as productive or joyful as possible.

10 Reasons Why Wildlife Photographers Are Crazy

Sometimes photography can be difficult, but what keeps us going is our passion for creating images that satisfy something inside us. However, if your passion happens to be wildlife photography, then you have a whole other level of difficulty coming your way. Come to think of it, there are so many valid reasons to abandon this passion and yet, this group of photographers persevere and do it anyway. Here are 10 reasons why wildlife photographers are crazy and why we can’t help but respect their pursuit of happiness.

Mauritian Photographer Shamma Esoof With Her Astonishing, Sad Owl Portraits [Interview]

A couple of years ago, I came across a portrait of a sad owl under the rain on 500px. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I never knew there existed such a deep photograph of a non-human creature. I was not the only one thinking so. That picture had won an award and I discovered Shamma Esoof (Sham Jolimie), a person who advocates for animal welfare, social justice, and is passionate about nature conservation. The cherry on top was when I discovered that the author of that unforgettable owl portrait was a mutual friend on social media and was from Mauritius, a country I call my second home after Armenia.

Watch Live Video of Bears Fishing for Salmon

The Internet and mass proliferation of capable devices has allowed almost anyone to broadcast live video. Many have taken advantage of it in the form of things like Periscope and Facebook Live, using it to broadcast behind the scenes footage and discuss trending topics, but Explore has used it for a rather neat purpose.