Use My New Ultimate Film Processing Price Guide to Decide Which Lab Is Right for You

A few months ago, I started a passion project of mine: Film Objektiv was started with one goal in mind: to get more people shooting film. We do this by renting film cameras at low prices for longer periods of time, by providing prints at a low cost, and also by serving as an online and educational resource to help film shooters find everything they'd ever need. It's this last part that still needs some work, but it's well on its way with this new pricing guide for film labs across the country. Still, I could use your help.

Huge Discount on Apple’s Pro Apps for Students

In a smart move from Apple, they’ve opted to compete with Adobe for the hearts of students. For $199, you’ll be able to pick up $630 worth of software. Here’s how it works.

B&H Selling Brand New Fujifilm GF670 Units Found In Fujifilm's Warehouse [Updated x2]

What happens when you lose track of a few extra boxes of some film cameras, and then find them again a few years later? You sell them, of course! And that's exactly what B&H is doing with a number of Fujifilm GF670 cameras that Fujifilm found in its American warehouse. It's still a fairly recently produced camera, but seeing as it was discontinued in 2014, this is likely the last chance you'll have to get a new one.

Save 50% On This iPhone Gimbal Stabilizer Today Only

Most people still find it hard to believe, but the video camera on the iPhone is good enough to be a professional tool. Here at Fstoppers, we use our phones to record video almost every single day but to make the footage look "professional" you're going to need to stable footage.

Holiday Sale on Fstoppers Original Tutorials

Fstoppers is happy to announce one final sale for 2016. Enjoy the holidays and dive into some fantastic photography education by getting $50-$100 off our original tutorials. If you've received some extra gift money for photography or want to share valuable knowledge with a loved one, act from now until New Years day to save on Fstoppers products. Check out the full list of deals below.

Save Up to 50% Off SLR Lounge Tutorials During the Holidays

SLR Lounge is well known for their excellent photography tutorials. This Holiday season they're offering deals up to 50% off on their products. Whether you're looking for a better wedding photography workflow, want to learn a few new lighting tricks, or simply want to make yourself a better photographer, this is a great opportunity to grow in the field. Make sure to act between now and New Years to take advantage of these great deals!

Canon Camera and Lens Deals for the Holidays

There are still a few weeks before the Holidays and plenty of time to order that camera and lens before the gift giving starts. Whether you're considering buying a camera for yourself or a loved one, now is the perfect time to check out some of the deals on Canon products which can instantly save you up to $400. Check out the great deals on the Canon Rebel T6i, a fantastic starter camera for anyone interested in photography or who is starting to shoot video, and browse through some other great canon products and kit options.

Crazy Deal: Get a Nikon D750 DSLR Camera for $1249

One of the best camera deals is back, and it is just in time for the holidays. Ebay seller BuyDig is selling refurbished Nikon D750 camera bodies again for $1249. We've featured this deal before in the past but this is by far the lowest price we've ever seen on one of the best full frame cameras on the market. It's unclear when Nikon will be updating the D750 camera so this might be the best deal on this camera until 2017.

PPA Charities and Free Photography Education!

During the holiday season many find themselves looking for ways to help out in their own local areas. The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Charities are making it possible for photographers to do it on a global level while simultaneously raising money for charities.

SLR Lounge is Offering 30% Off Every Tutorial

SLR Lounge creates some incredible educational photography content. For the next few days, they're offering a big discount on every product in their store. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, every single product in the SLR Lounge store is 30% off. Check out their incredible deals and find which tutorial you'd like to buy HERE.

You Can Save Thousands on Photography Gear with These B&H Black Friday Deals

It's the time of year to save on your spending. Cameras, computers, lenses, tripods, grips, and just about any other photography related item is on sale this Black Friday at B&H. If you've been planning on buying any photography equipment this season, now is definitely the time to act with discounts and rebates being offered for hundreds of dollars.

Sigma Black Friday Instant Savings — Up to $300

I am a Sigma lens lover after they released their Art series of lens. I got very excited getting the Black Friday Instant Savings offer of up to $300 on a variety of Sigma lenses at B&H today. If you craved to get your hands on some of their lenses and were saving up to buy one, this is the right time to do so. As an addition, most of the offers are eligible for 4% reward, it makes a double great deal.

Apple Drops Prices on USB-C Cables and Adapters to Ease the Pain of Transition [Update: 5K and 4K Displays, Too]

For better or worse, Apple ditched almost every port on its latest MacBook Pro lineup, opting instead for a single audio jack and four Thunderbolt 3 ports with the new USB-C connector. While there are inherent advantages to such a setup, it is true that users will need to invest in a series of adapters to connect their devices. Starting today, through December 31, nearly all of Apple's adapters and cables featuring USB-C are discounted 24-52 percent, depending on the cable.