Owner of Viral ‘Grumpy Cat’ Wins $700,000 in Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat has become somewhat of a household name thanks to his immortalization in the world of memes, and the subsequent virality. The animal’s popularity become a lucrative business for its owner, who is said to have made profits into the millions. She has now won a bitter legal battle stemming from 2015, after a beverage company used Grumpy Cat’s name and image for an unlicensed range.

Monte Isom Shares How Copyrighting Your Photos Can Make You Thousands of Dollars Per Infringement

One of the most frustrating things a photographer has to deal with in today's market is having their work stolen or used for free. If you post images online, the chances of your work being used without your permission isn't just likely, but inevitable. How then can you as a photographer protect your images while at the same time publishing your work so you can promote your brand? In this free excerpt from our Making Real Money tutorial, Monte Isom shares the exact steps you need to take to both protect your work and recover damages caused by illegal infringements.

Drunk Droning Set to Be Illegal in New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers approved legislation on Monday to ban inebriated drone operation. With drone sales continuing to skyrocket in 2017, there are increased concerns of drone accidents, leading to increased regulation worldwide on the aerial gadgets. If the bill is signed into law by outgoing governor Chris Christie or governor-elect Phil Murphy, the message that the state of New Jersey will deliver is don't drink and drone.

Where Do Babies in Movies Come From?

I won't hold it against you if you've never wondered where babies come from in movies. But, it's good to know the details to understand how it works and ease out the planning should you be commissioned to shoot a lifestyle brand's advertising campaign. The general aim is to keep the babies safe on the day, to let them get the rewards for the work they put in once they turn 18, and to give the production team options and solutions, like booking twins or triplets so you either have more time to shoot the baby scenes as you can literally swap out the infants. This video shows how it works in more detail.