10 Tips for Getting Even More Out of Layers Masks in Photoshop

Layer masks are by far one of the most important tools in your Photoshop arsenal, and their power and versatility go way beyond simply showing or hiding things. This excellent video tutorial will give newcomers and seasoned pros alike 10 helpful tips for getting more out of layer masks when working in Photoshop.

Is the End Nigh? Technology Doesn't Mean the End of Photography

In his trademark understated introduction, Ted Forbes acknowledges that technology is a charged conversation for photographers. Photographers are something of a Luddite-like bunch. On the whole, we seem to have a preference for the technology we learned the craft on. Be that a medium format film camera, a digital DSLR and an early version of Photoshop Elements or a more modern mirrorless, we seem to stand up against the tide of change like it's in our DNA. What are we going to do about the rise of machine learning?

How to Create Realistic Water Reflections Using Photoshop

Replacing the sky can be a powerful and valuable tool for photographers in a wide range of genres ranging from real estate to landscapes or weddings. When there is water is the shot, this can significantly complicate the process, but this fantastic tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop to add realistic reflections for a more complete photo.

How to Get Naturally Intense Color in Your Images Using Photoshop

Most of us love images with vibrant, intense colors that pop off the screen and entrance our viewers. Getting that look in a tasteful manner takes a lot more than simply pumping the saturation slider to garish levels, however. This excellent video tutorial will show you some helpful techniques for making colors pop in a tasteful way using Photoshop.

Attack on Titan: Hyper-Real Photoshop Homage

In this video tutorial, watch as Dean Samed shows you how he created a homage to Attack on Titan in Photoshop. This is a full walkthrough of the entire process and definitely worth the watch to see another photo manipulator's workflow.

My New Go-To Strategy for Reducing Noise

Long exposures and high ISOs can bring out hot pixels. Worse than just regular high ISO noise, hot pixels are those little brightly colored dots that stick out like a sore thumb. Their random nature has made them tough to deal with effectively, until now. Want to know the easiest way to get rid of them?

How to Create Instant Clouds in Photoshop

In this video tutorial, watch as Redouane Naouri shows you how to add clouds in Photoshop. One of the biggest challenges in photo manipulation is creating a sense of realism. If you can add realistic atmospheric effects, then you are already on to a winner.

Is This a Photoshop World Record?

In this video, Dean Samed attempts to break a very labor-intensive Photoshop World Record: the most complex image ever composited with the Pen Tool. Samed is a UK-based Digital Artist known for his work in the horror-publishing industry, and judging the task at hand here, the horror is very real indeed.

Lightroom Is Great, but Despite Adobe’s Efforts, Photoshop Is Still King

Lightroom is about 13 years old now, and over the last few major releases, Adobe has added a number of tools you’d previously need Photoshop for. While it’s great to see new features like color grading, luminosity masking, and more make their way to the program, their implementation still leaves them falling far short of just using Photoshop. Here’s why I couldn't ever use Lightroom without Photoshop.

How to Create Burning Effect in Photoshop

In this video tutorial watch as Abby Esparza shows you how to create a burning effect in Photoshop. This is a really cool effect, and the way Esparza goes about doing this is definitely one of the best ways I have seen.

How to Create Special FX Lighting in Photoshop

In this video tutorial, watch as Redouane Naouri shows you how to create special FX lighting in Photoshop. FX light effects are very effective on fantasy images, and the way Naouri creates this effect is different from any other way I have seen before.

Pro Panel for Photoshop Can Save You Time and Effort

Photoshop has a lot of power, but for many editors, some of the features are arcane, involve multiple steps, or are too complicated to bother with. That's where Photoshop Extensions come in. It's an architecture that Adobe provides that falls between a plug-in and a Photoshop Action. As a result, some experienced Photoshop users with programming skills have created some really useful extensions that are useful to both beginner editors and pros.

How to Retouch a Beauty Portrait Using Photoshop

Lighting and taking the shot is only half of what it takes to produce a great beauty portrait. The retouching also has to be spot on for the photo to be successful. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to retouch a beauty portrait from start to finish using Photoshop.