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Why PPI Is Imaginary: PPI Versus DPI Versus Resolution

There are a lot of confusing elements when it comes to photography, particularly when you're looking at printing. Perhaps the most misunderstood is PPI — pixels per inch — and when it's useful, because it is often not useful at all.

The Masters of Animating Classic Paintings

The works of classic painters are some of the most revered artifacts from antiquity. The Baroque style in particular exudes portrayals of dramatic light, color, and fantastic events. But for centuries, they have been relegated to two dimensions.

How to Quickly and Easily Remove People From a Crowded Photo Automatically Using Photoshop

There are a ton of beautiful tourist spots out there begging to be photographed, but the problem is that unless you are extremely lucky, you will likely have to deal with people in the shot. You could take a bunch of photographs as people move around and then painstakingly mask in different parts of the image, or you could try this neat method that lets Photoshop take care of it automatically in just a few seconds, as this helpful video tutorial shows.

How to Easily Turn Your Signature Into a Classy Watermark

Did you have to take cursive in elementary school? Is that ability to write in beautiful, curvy letter lying dormant somewhere in the recesses of your mind after all these years? Why not awaken those skills and use them to create a beautiful custom watermark for your images? This great video tutorial will show you how to do just that quickly and easily using Photoshop.

Make Insanely Difficult Masks Easy With This Little-Known Photoshop Tool

Masking is an important part of any decent photographer's post-production process. Sometimes, the masks are easy, but other times, they can be painfully time-consuming. However, if you learn about this hidden tool in Photoshop, your editing life will instantly become so much better.

Take Better Control of Your Photoshop Edits Using These Layer Mask Techniques

Photoshop is a tremendously complicated and intricate application, and for any one task, there are often three or four methods to get the results you want. One of the most fundamental skills you will need is the ability to work with layer masks effectively, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you three ways to use layer mask density to take better control of your editing.

How Handheld Focus Stacking Works

I always take a tripod with me in addition to my camera when I'm out on a hiking or scouting trip because there can always be an unexpected photo opportunity. And since I apply focus stacking to nearly all of my photos to ensure optimal sharpness, photographing handheld is not an option. Or is it? In this article, I show you how to use the automatic focus bracketing feature of modern cameras to perform handheld focus stacking.

Turning Day to Night in Adobe Photoshop

Whether you couldn't shoot at the time you wanted or you just want to experiment with composites and heavier editing, this video will show you how to make a complete transformation.

Is It Colder in Color?

Non-photographers often complain about black and white images: they’re dated, they’re just a gimmick, or they’re elitist and boring. These are personal preferences; however, we live in a color world, so you can't discount that black and white images can create a disconnect for modern viewers. To bring history alive, is colorization a solution?

How to Create a Realistic Coin in Adobe Photoshop

With many countries still experiencing different degrees of restrictions, arranging photoshoots can be difficult. If you want to keep learning, Photoshop techniques are a decent substitute.

How to Fake the Panning Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Panning photography has a few uses, but it's most commonly seen in motorsport. It's a tricky technique to get the most out of and on occasion, it's not even possible. In those situations, perhaps you can fake it instead.

Is There a New King of Photoshop and Lightroom Performance?

The reviews on Intel’s 12th Gen Core desktop processors, named Alder Lake, have all come in, and the results are surprising. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your computer or just want to stay up to date on tech trends, you’ve got to see how these chips performed.

The Trouble With Comp Stompers and How to Remove Them

There are many times when you have gone to a location to shoot a landscape and you have not been the only one there. That is fine as everyone is entitled to be there. Every now and again however you have the type of photographer who thinks that they are entitled and who blatantly either stands right next to you to get the same composition without any acknowledgment or a courteous "would you mind if I..."

The Best Way to Change Color in the Latest Version of Photoshop

Just like everything in life, Photoshop techniques change or require slight adjustments. What may have been perfect two years ago might not necessarily be perfect now. And so it is with changing colors of objects in Photoshop. Here is the latest on how to do it effortlessly.

Is AI Technology the Future for Photographers?

As photographers, we are always looking for ways to improve our craft and stay ahead of the curve. With new technology emerging every day, it can be difficult to know what is worth investing in and what will become obsolete in a few months. In this short article, we will explore the potential of AI technology and how it could benefit photographers in the future.

A Full Tutorial on Retouching and Color Grading a Portrait in Photoshop

Knowing how to light, pose, and shoot a good portrait is only half the battle; you also need to be able to edit your images to produce a fully finished and compelling final product. If you are new to portraiture and looking to improve your work, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you a full image edit, including retouching, dodging and burning, color grading, and more.

How This Rarely Used Photoshop Blending Mode Can Give Your Images More Pop

Photoshop has a huge range of blending modes — almost 30, in fact — but the majority of photographers go their entire careers using only about six of them most of the time. One of the rarer blending modes is color dodge, and though you will not use it every day, this helpful video tutorial will show you a specific and nifty application for it that can give your images a bit more pop.

Adobe Announces Free Creative Cloud Express

Good news for aspiring photographers and those looking to edit photos and video and create content for the web, print, etc. Adobe has a new offering called Creative Cloud Express. And best of all, it's totally free.

Stop the Scroll: How to Animate a Portion of Your Photo

Have you ever taken a shot that you were completely stoked to post, and when you released it to the world, you didn’t quite get the engagement you were hoping for? It can be discouraging to be excited about a photo and not get the enthusiastic engagement you expected. These days, stopping the scroll seems harder than ever, but animating a portion of your photo is an easy upgrade that can create a major boost of interest to your image.

Clean Up a Mask in Photoshop With This Simple Trick

Cleaning up the haloing when creating selections can take some time, and even when your image is complete and you can still see some remaining it can be quite annoying. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you a seldom-used but effective way of cleaning the masks.

How to Make More Precise Edits Using Luminosity Masks in Photoshop

Half of creating better edits is taking more precise control over where they are applied and how they are blended. One of the most powerful tools for increasing that precision is a luminosity mask, and this excellent video tutorial will show you what they are, how to create them in Photoshop, and how to employ them for better photo edits.

How to Change the Background of an Image Using Photoshop

Changing the background of an image convincingly is about a lot more than simply creating a precise mask for your subject and dropping in a new backdrop. It takes the ability to accurately evaluate and match things like lighting, color, perspective, depth of field, and more. If you are wondering how to do all those things, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you everything you need to know to convincingly change the background of an image using Photoshop.

How to Add Light Rays to Your Images in Adobe Photoshop

If you're open to more heavy-handed retouching of your images, you have almost limitless possibilities of what you can do with even the blandest of images. In this tutorial, learn how to create realistic light rays and dappled light to add some atmosphere to a photograph.

Shoot and Edit Infrared Photos With Any Camera

Infrared photography can be a wonderful new avenue to explore and can really get the creative juices flowing. It can also produce some otherworldly and beautiful images. Unfortunately, the cost and commitment of converting an existing camera to be capable of infrared is a barrier for many to trying it out. But, as this video demonstrates, you really don't need any specialized equipment to create great infrared images.

How to Create Light Rays Using Photoshop

A few light rays in something like a backlit portrait can be a nice finishing touch that adds a bit extra to the image. Of course, we can't always be so lucky as to capture them in camera. However, it is not overly difficult to add them in post, and this great video tutorial will show you how to do it easily in Photoshop.

How to Retouch a Dramatic Portrait From Start to Finish

Portraiture is one of the most popular genres of photography for many reasons and photographs of people are often the ones that are looked at the most and for the longest. One style within portraiture that is a staple is the dramatic look. In this video, watch a start-to-finish edit of a portrait with the dramatic look as the end goal.

100 Adobe Photoshop Tricks and Tips You May Not Know

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most complex pieces of software in the industry. While it is relatively easy to do the basics as a beginner, it has layers of depth that go far past where even many experts go. In this video, learn over 100 different tricks and tips.

How to Remove Difficult Objects in Photoshop

Photoshop has some pretty advanced automated tools for removing distracting objects from your photos, and while they can get the job done a lot of the time, sometimes, you are dealing with such a complex and difficult background that you need to take control of things. If that is the case, check out this helpful video tutorial that will show you how to efficiently and convincingly remove such objects.

Free Lightroom and Photoshop Perks You Might Be Missing Out On

Most of us with Creative Cloud subscriptions use them for access to apps like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, but you are actually paying for more than you might realize when you select a plan. This helpful video tutorial will show you where to find thousands of free assets that may have been hiding from you in Lightroom and Photoshop.

3 Steps to Getting Better Skin Tones Using Photoshop

Skin tones are one of the most crucial parts of a portrait edit. Get them right, and they can elevate the image to another level. Get them wrong, however, and they can sink your image. If you are new to shooting and editing portraits, this helpful video tutorial will show you three steps to get better skin tones in Photoshop.

These Are the Essentials of Photoshop Every Photographer Should Know

Photoshop is a large and intricate program, with multiple ways to accomplish what you want, and as such, it can be a little overwhelming to learn when you are first starting out. If you are new to the program and wondering how to get started, this excellent video tutorial will show you some essential tools and techniques that will help you accomplish most of what you will need when editing images.

Using Adobe Photoshop's New AI to Make Colors Pop

Adobe Photoshop has had most of its recent major updates centered around its AI editing tools. In this video, find out how to make the colors of an image more punchy by using a filter you might not think to.

Photoshop Isn’t King Here: The Speciality Programs That Are Just Plain Better

Just about every important image I publish or send to a client passes through Photoshop. It’s an essential part of my workflow, and if you’re like most photographers, I’m sure it’s a part of yours. There are, however, a number of cases where I’ve just found a significantly better tool for the job, one that’s worth paying for. Want to see why you should consider snagging these programs that beat Photoshop at their own game?

Want Lightroom and Photoshop to Run More Quickly? Here's What You Should Upgrade

It is no secret that both Lightroom and Photoshop can be resources hogs that do not run particularly quickly, though in fairness, they are also pushing around and manipulating a lot of data. Between your CPU, GPU, RAM, drives, and more, there are a lot of places where an upgrade could possibly speed things up, but of course, you do not want to waste your money. So, what components should you upgrade first? This helpful video will show you some useful tests to help you figure it out.

How to Convert Low-Res Logos to Sharp, High-Res Images

Have you ever needed to use a logo or image that just isn't high enough resolution or doesn't have clean enough edges to use? Here's how to quickly and easily convert a low-resolution image to a more useable high-resolution image in Photoshop.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Working in Photoshop

Many photographers will spend multiple hours a week working on their images in Photoshop, and as such, finding even little places to save some time can add up to major time savings over the long run. This excellent video tutorial will show you the most essential keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop and how to use them.

Focus Stacking Can Unlock a New Range of Subjects and It’s Now Easier Than Ever

Whether you’re shooting macro subjects like jewelry and flowers or landscapes on the latest high-resolution bodies, controlling depth of field can be essential. Focus stacking, where you combine multiple exposures at different focus points, can completely change the game when it comes to tricky depth of field situations. When you don’t have to worry about stopping down or picking what’s in focus, you can be even more creative. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to properly focus stack. Check out this guide to the best field and post-production practices.

How to Clean Up Backgrounds in Photoshop

When you are working in the studio or on a slow-paced shoot, you generally have pretty good control of the background. However, in a lot of situations, you will not have control over the background or the time to fix it. Fortunately, it is not overly difficult or time-consuming to get rid of most background distractions, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you a few ways to do so using Photoshop.

Master Manual Exposure Blending With This Foolproof Photoshop Workflow

With modern HDR-blending algorithms making exposure blending so quick and easy, manual exposure blending may seem like an outdated skill for landscape photographers. However, automated software doesn't always produce the cleanest results. In this article, we'll discuss a foolproof workflow for manual exposure blending that will give you total control over your images and ensure results of the highest quality. The good news is that this workflow doesn't require any third-party panels or difficult luminosity masking!

A Beginner's Guide to Removing Objects in Adobe Photoshop

There are a handful of tools and techniques in Photoshop that are utterly essential in my eyes. One of those is the ability to remove even complex objects from your images, whether they are distractions or unwanted features, you will be surprised how often you need to remove something.

Copy Any Color Grade to Your Photo With the New Photoshop Tool

Adobe has released a slew of new features in the recent Photoshop 2022 update, one of which pertains to color grading. With this tool, you can transfer the color palette from one image to another, allowing you to replicate looks from films and other media.

Photoshop Power Tips to Take Better Control of Your Images

Photoshop is a deeply powerful and complex program, and it is easy to overlook certain capabilities or inadvertently do things less efficiently than you could. This awesome video tutorial features a seasoned Photoshop educator showing a variety of power tips that are sure to expand your capabilities, make your workflow more efficient, and improve the quality of your images.

What's New in the Latest Versions of Lightroom and Photoshop?

The latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop are here, and they bring with them some highly impressive new features that will make your workflow easier and more efficient. If you want to make sure you do not miss any of the new features so you can get the most out of both programs, check out this great video overview that will show you everything you need to know.

5 of the Best New Features in Adobe Photoshop 2022

Adobe has just released Photoshop 2022, version 23.0.0. As always, it leans more towards evolution than revolution, but with more than two decades of evolving, you know any large changes are going to be useful.