Did Photoshop’s New Feature Just Crush This AI Product?

One of the latest buzzwords in tech and editing has been AI. While the earliest implementations were a bit of a gimmick, powerful tools and developments from companies like Adobe, NVIDIA, and Luminar have brought AI to the end-user in a meaningful way. Photoshop’s March 2021 update introduces a new AI tool that promises massive resolution improvements for any camera. Does it live up to the hype?

How to Retouch a Portrait in Photoshop

Knowing how to light, pose, and shoot a portrait is only half of what it takes to create a great image. In order to create a polished, professional portrait, you also need strong editing skills. This excellent video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to professionally retouch a portrait in Photoshop and to also add your own personal style to it.

Adobe Photoshop's Amazing New Super Resolution Feature

Adobe's newest version of Photoshop comes with an intriguing feature in the Camera Raw dialog, Super Resolution, which promises to leverage machine learning trained on millions of images to upsize images to quadruple their original resolution. Does it hold up to its promise? This excellent video takes a look at the new tool and how it performs in the real world.

How to Simulate a Long Exposure in Photoshop

Long exposures are a highly popular look, but sometimes, you might not have an ND filter with you or you might not have decided to make a long exposure in the moment. If you have an image with potential that you think would look even better as a long exposure, this quick and helpful video tutorial will show you how to convincingly fake it using Photoshop.

A Guide to Focus Stacking in Lightroom and Photoshop

Often in certain genres (such as landscape or macro photography), you need more depth of field and sharpness than is possible to capture in a single image. When that happens, you will want to turn to focus stacking. It is a relatively straightforward technique, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you a workflow for it using Lightroom and Photoshop.

How to Blur Out Backgrounds Using Photoshop

It is always better to get a narrow depth of field in camera, but sometimes, you end up with a background you would prefer to be blurrier to bring more focus onto your subject. For those cases, you can blur the background using Photoshop, and this helpful video tutorial will show you how it is done.

How To Create Seamless Backdrops in Photoshop

There are times where you just don't have enough space, time, or material to cover your entire scene with an infinite backdrop. One workaround that you can do is to use as much as you have, and then extend it across the rest of the image in Photoshop.