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Only Hours Left To Enter Fstoppers Biggest Photography Contest Ever

The first ever Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas is happening May 28th - June 1st at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and we want to give one of our readers the trip of a lifetime for FREE! We are actually doing 2 separate contests and they both end today, Friday May 28th at midnight eastern time.  If you are looking to expand your own photo skills, connect with other photographers in your field, explore a different genre of photography, or simply take a vacation you can write off, this is going to be the event to attend. How do you win this trip for free? Details are below:

Contest 1: All expense paid trip to the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop in Nassau, Bahamas.

This contest is open to everyone world-wide. On February 1st, 2014, one lucky Fstoppers fan will win a flight voucher worth up to $500 to travel to the workshop in the Bahamas. They will also win accommodations for 5 nights at the Atlantis Resort and access to any of the courses offered throughout the event. A passport is required to enter the Bahamas so make sure your documents are current and up to date.

How to enter (each option below will count as a separate entry): All you have to do is leave a comment on this post below explaining why you want to win this contest. Vulgar or trolling entries will be disqualified/deleted so keep it nice

Twitter: Simply follow @fstoppers and retweet the following message between now and Jan 31st: "Follow @Fstoppers and retweet this message to win a free trip to the Bahamas for the Fstoppers Photo Workshop"

Youtube: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel at and leave a comment on this contest video here.

Facebook: Like our Fstoppers Page and leave a comment on this contest post to qualify. BONUS: Share the Facebook contest post on your own wall and earn a second entry.

On February 1st we will randomly choose 1 name from each of the areas mentioned above and randomly draw one as the grand prize winner.

Contest 2: Full Refund on All Paid Classes

This second contest is open only to those who have signed up and paid for a class at the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop. To inspire you guys to sign up early, rather than waiting until the last minute, on February 1st we will pick one lucky attendee and reimburse their entire photography workshop class package. The full refund amount will depend on the number of classes bought prior to the announcement of the winner. Since this year's workshop is limited to about 200 students, your chances of being chosen are much greater than the above contest open to the general public.

Additional Rules and Terms:
All entries must be submitted before 11:59 PM eastern time on January 31st for consideration. Prizes are contingent on winner attending the workshop and are worth no actual monetary value. Winning trip and classes cannot be transferred or given to anyone other than the winner. Passport is required.

To learn more about the first ever Fstoppers workshop head over to or watch the video below.

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Limor Garfinkle's picture

Wow! This is such an amazing chance! I have stumbled onto becoming a photographer when I lost my job during the last recession. I knew my industry wasn't bouncing back anytime soon, so I had to make a new plan. I have been a self taught Architectural photographer since, and been working on some super cool projects, but alway wanted to get the chance to learn from a top pro in-order to take it to the next level. Here is the first shot I ever took as an architectural photographer. Check out my work since that day on and tell me if you think I deserve that chance!

Eric Flores's picture

My honest thoughts about the contest. I never really won any thing like this, but if I were to, I would be all over the place. Not just because of the location, but knowing that my skills would improve with guidance and meeting new people. Last year was a bit crummy for me so I have told myself that this is the year that I will try to make changes for myself. I want to make this year better and in hopes to grow to be able to make a difference around me with confidence.

Stefan Moldovenu's picture

I consider the workshop an opportunity to come closer to my target : becoming a better photographer . In each photo that i take , each advice that i listen and every video about photography and reviews i get better and better photos . This FStoppers Workshop its one in a life time experience and opportunity to meet people passionate about same hobby or job as me , to see how big is the photography comunity and how it grows and be proud of being part of it and most important here you can Learn more ! I'd love to take part at this workshop

2991nad's picture

I want to win this contest to improve my skills and also my way to see everything in a rectangle.
I've studied photography, I've worked as an internship on a newspaper and this year I started a personal project called project 365 where I'm experimenting every day with photography to make it better and better. You can see it at
I think this is a great oportunity for everybody, great luck and have fun any of you!

Emily High's picture

What an amazing opportunity! Would love to learn more skills from the best. Oh and to do it in Paradise!

Márton Gorka's picture

So far I'm totally self taught, I've never been to any workshops or photography school, so having my very first workshop in the Bahamas would be nice... It would be a stylish way to start. Some of my favorite photographers will be teaching there and I'm sure I'd learn a lot! Plus the weather is much nicer there :)

k troeyr's picture

I want to learn more everyday, always. I would love the trip away from home to learn more!

windmark's picture

Wow! This would be so amazing :D
I'm already longing away from the wintery Sweden.

Polecat Martyniuk's picture

I would love to do an aquatic shoot in the Bahamas and for it to be free would be truly awesome!

Nik Morina's picture

I moved to US to persue my photography carrier, now after 3 years of hard work the business is live and kicking, a trip to Bahamas would be an ideal pkace for vacations for me, while I learn so much more throughout the workshop, as I meet new people from the industry.

applezed's picture

This is awesome! What a great opportunity to keep learning from the best, especially at a warm location.

applezed's picture

What an awesome contest, it's such a great way to learn from the best (especially somewhere warm!) Thanks Fstoppers!

i d m's picture

Man! I really would love to learn from this great professionals, but I can't afford it! Damn, it would be great to go for free

Jabari Hunt's picture

As an amateur enthusiast, I can rarely justify the expense of attending many of the fantastic photography conferences held all over the US. Being able to attend this conference AND enjoy the Bahamas would be a dream come true!

Jason McDonald's picture

A place where everyone will be squinching when they get their photos taken with their respective peers...sounds like a blast! AND you get to learn...hope there's time to head to the water!!

Anonymous's picture

Hi fstoppers i love the work you guys do and have been following your website for a while now.I am 15 years old and absolutely love photography. It gives me an outlet to express myself and i love the techincal and complex part of it too. Being able to learn from the pros would be a dream come trueand would allow me to bring my skill to the next level. You can check out my work on my website.

Philipp Boulanov's picture

I'd love to get in that workshop, as I'm currently trying to move up from my assistant position in the studio as a full-time photographer; it would be great for me to get such a great workshop paid for.

Dave Dawang's picture

I just started out doing videography about a year and half ago. Ive been doing all self taught and I really think having a mentor or a supporting group would give me the right direction. So far all I have been doing is upgrading and upgrading gear but need some real direction.

Aggelos Loykatos's picture

What a great opportunity to meet great creative people, masters at their art, hope i could come paying for it, but financialy i'm broke! Love your work, keep it up!! Wish I have the opportunity to come with you all!!

Pierre Foisy Illustrations's picture

Wish I could attend. Was in Nassau last Xmas, but unable to visit the hotel. Would be a great opportunity and amazing workshops to boot.

Rookie's picture

I'm a Beginner photographer that was recently given a Leica m4 and I don't know how to use it. So maybe I can learn in the Bahamas?

Jean Costa's picture

Im starting on wedding photography. Be able to participate on a workshop like this would be a game changer for me. The only reason Im not signing up is that for know I can't afford the trip. Only the workshop itself.

WaywardSoulFoto&D's picture

It would be such a blessing/dream and a privilege to have this opportunity! Not only to travel but to work and learn from the best! I honestly have no words; as to win this opportunity would be the best thing to ever happen to me!! A chance to learn how to stop making hobby money through my full time business! A chance to learn to give my clients the shots they deserve! And a chance to learn how to create and shoot the photographs I see in my head but have yet to fully achieve. Thank you for your consideration!

ellemayl's picture

Capturing emotive and inspiring imagery is my passion. I love the process of editing and creating something from an image too. I am a young fashion blogger and wedding photographer and literally can't explain how much of an honour it would be to attend this workshop and meet all of these inspiring people. Life is such a beautiful thing, I want to capture it in the most amazing way possible!!
Elle x

Nick De Clercq's picture

This could be one of my best experiences of the year! Hope I or someone who also really deserves it wins.

ashish7's picture

I hope to win because I'd really like to improve my photography skills and exploit the advanced features of my DSLR camera.

Mark Iuzzolino's picture

This is one of the best workshops I've seen done thus far. I've been looking for a workshop to go to for years but was never motivated as much as I am now. I live, eat and fall asleep reading and learning everything I can about photography. One of the things that helps me to learn more than any book or video is watching someone live. I hope to be able to attend this workshop with my spouse. This could be the one thing that pushes me over from amateur to pro.

Peter S's picture

Well maybe i can join this contest? Wasnt allowed to join for the profoto one :(

Brian James's picture

Packing my sunscreen...

Mirco Wilhelm's picture

wow... I wish, I could come to Nassau :)

NING WONG's picture

I've been following FStoppers and SLRLounge for a while now, and it would be an amazing opportunity to learn from you all!

We just had a baby, so finances are tight, but I would still love to be a part of this super awesome workshop!

Daniel Czempinski's picture

I'm in the process of launching my business and this would be an amazing experience for me!

W. Al Mehri's picture

i have never been anywhere near the Bahamas, and i have never attended a photography workshop..!

Elizabeth Graham's picture

this might be just the thing to kick my business off to where I want it to be. I'm struggling minute by minute now.

Eric Reardon's picture

Trying to learn everything I can about photography and this would be awesome

Leonard Glickman's picture

Fantastic opportunity to attend a workshop with my favorite website for photography AND escape polar vortex's!

Alex Boone's picture

To win would be amazing, not for the trip to somewhere other then the cold -15 climate of my town in Canada. But for the learning experience, its not vacation its learning time. Would be an absolute dream to learn from some of the best in the industry.

Vinay Vijayakumar's picture

Woow! A wonderful way to learn from noted names in the field. Looking forward to the art overload! :D

Regina Andrews's picture

This would be such a great opportunity to connect with other zealous masters of the field. Due to moving around a lot and a demanding position in the Air Force, having time to join groups and attend photo expo's is very seldom. Now that I am in a less demanding position, I'm ready to indulge. Not only would this be a break away from the norm, its also a change of scenery to capture inspiration!

Jonnie Allen's picture

My boyfriend and are are both beginning our second round of schooling and both are studying in the digital arts! Both of us are loving everything about photography and we have SO much more to learn. This would be an incredible trip to have an amazing time and come back to the real world with much more knowledge! Hope to see you in the Bahamas Fstoppers! :)

Dinesh Ramalingam's picture

It would be great if I can improvise my skills from nothing to everything by an expert and its for free. This is much appreciated event from FSTOPPERS. Hats off! These days will be a historic and ever forgettable event in my life if I get a chance. Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Wish them good luck to all the participants.

Kamil Leszczuk's picture

Since the process of selecting a winner is random, it does not matter what I write here. So - I sure wish myself a good luck with random numbers this time! ;)

Roberto Tomasi's picture

Wow, it would be such an amazing experience, I follow you guys from Spain and you do a great job.

Leticia Greenwood's picture

After taking a hiatus from my business for six months and going through a serious illness that required invasive surgery, this workshop would be an amazing opportunity to refine my skills and jump start my business again!!

Mike Schuman's picture

I love your work and really look up to you guys for photography/video tips. This workshop would help me improve my business in numerous ways

Kenny Mathis's picture

I would relish the opportunity to attend this workshop. I need that extra step to bring my confidence level to a point where I could take my business to the next level. There is no substitute for having a mentor take you through the steps.

Mercedes Rodriguez's picture

I deserve to win because i have been dreaming to learn photography since the age of 12 im 21 now and i cant go to college because i cant pay for it i just will appreciate this opportunity more then anything in this world photography is life to me and all i want is to learn from professionals to one day start my own business

Devin Dymkowski's picture

This would be an amazing adventure to be able to learn so much out of it, I love to travel, but don't get to that much. This trip would sure change some things with me, and my award winning pictures

jerome palmer's picture

I always wanted to my love of photography to the next level. Making a living off my the passion, and i will be the happiest man on earth and this will be the perfect wedding gift after my wedding in April. So pick me Mr Palmer.

Barbara Oliveira's picture

My biggest resolution for 2014 is to invest all my heart, soul and energy into Photography! I want to keep learning and growing every single day and take better and more deliberate pictures. I would really love to turn my passion into my full time job. And seriously guys... a 5 DAY workshop? Learining from 10 TOP PHOTOGRAPHERS? In the BAHAMAS? What else can I ask for? You guys are AMAZING! What an incredible opportunity. Thank You

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