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Only Hours Left To Enter Fstoppers Biggest Photography Contest Ever

The first ever Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas is happening May 28th - June 1st at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and we want to give one of our readers the trip of a lifetime for FREE! We are actually doing 2 separate contests and they both end today, Friday May 28th at midnight eastern time.  If you are looking to expand your own photo skills, connect with other photographers in your field, explore a different genre of photography, or simply take a vacation you can write off, this is going to be the event to attend. How do you win this trip for free? Details are below:

Contest 1: All expense paid trip to the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop in Nassau, Bahamas.

This contest is open to everyone world-wide. On February 1st, 2014, one lucky Fstoppers fan will win a flight voucher worth up to $500 to travel to the workshop in the Bahamas. They will also win accommodations for 5 nights at the Atlantis Resort and access to any of the courses offered throughout the event. A passport is required to enter the Bahamas so make sure your documents are current and up to date.

How to enter (each option below will count as a separate entry): All you have to do is leave a comment on this post below explaining why you want to win this contest. Vulgar or trolling entries will be disqualified/deleted so keep it nice

Twitter: Simply follow @fstoppers and retweet the following message between now and Jan 31st: "Follow @Fstoppers and retweet this message to win a free trip to the Bahamas for the Fstoppers Photo Workshop"

Youtube: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel at and leave a comment on this contest video here.

Facebook: Like our Fstoppers Page and leave a comment on this contest post to qualify. BONUS: Share the Facebook contest post on your own wall and earn a second entry.

On February 1st we will randomly choose 1 name from each of the areas mentioned above and randomly draw one as the grand prize winner.

Contest 2: Full Refund on All Paid Classes

This second contest is open only to those who have signed up and paid for a class at the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop. To inspire you guys to sign up early, rather than waiting until the last minute, on February 1st we will pick one lucky attendee and reimburse their entire photography workshop class package. The full refund amount will depend on the number of classes bought prior to the announcement of the winner. Since this year's workshop is limited to about 200 students, your chances of being chosen are much greater than the above contest open to the general public.

Additional Rules and Terms:
All entries must be submitted before 11:59 PM eastern time on January 31st for consideration. Prizes are contingent on winner attending the workshop and are worth no actual monetary value. Winning trip and classes cannot be transferred or given to anyone other than the winner. Passport is required.

To learn more about the first ever Fstoppers workshop head over to or watch the video below.

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Acavius Largo's picture

This trip would be such a great learning experience for me. I would love to learn more about photography from some of the best photographers out there. I am a 20 year old full time photographer and hope to continue my progress in this profession.

Merike Bremet's picture

Lets hope for the best ! :)

Kevin Ham's picture

Awesome contest, great idea!

Sebastian Slight's picture

So excited to join this contest, would love to learn about Architecture and Product photography with Mike Kelley and Rob Grimm!

Tony Guillaro's picture

Sing me up!!
I want to learn all I can so that the next time around I'll be teaching the class ;)
You guys are awesome btw- Thanks for basically creating the modern day photography community

Tara Gibson's picture

i would love to win this trip because I am a struggling assistant. I don't have the confidence in my skills yet to go out on my own. I graduated in 2003 (yikes) and I've learned so much from the photographers that I have worked for but I want to do something different. The photographers I've worked for are great photographers but they are old school. I want to use the skills I've learned from them and mix it up with new techniques. Help a broke sister out :-) I'm still using a canon t3i because I can't afford my bills let alone a nice camera and education. This would help so much with my confidence too. Please consider me… OH YEAH… I've never been out of the country either! My first plane trip was 2 years ago and I just got married you could call it a wedding present :-) Thanks for considering me.

Austin Burke's picture

As a student I think we all know how tough cash can be and who wouldn't want to go to this workshop?!?!?

Darryl Ian Peter's picture

I would love to go to learn more and enhance my skill! I think it would be a great chance for me! I hope to be picked!

Todor Kolev's picture

Can I go please? :D

Emest Freezo's picture

Dear Fstoppers, currently i am working as a web designer in a small corporate company, but my real passion and hobby is more towards photography, i would like to learn and improve my photography skills from the best professional photographers around the world to make photography as my main career as it is my dream career of my life and in this dream workshop can also help me to decide which type of photography is my strengths. I would like to win this amazing contest for building my future career. praying hard for this great opportunity. Have a great day. Sincerely, Emest.

Ricothronic's picture

Get to soak every single bit of information! besides a learning experience would be "the experience" The coolest photography workshop ever!!

Guest's picture

Amazing Overall experience. Fun learning trip! I'd like to be the winner!

Teuvo's picture

Why I want to win? Free trip to bahamas to study my n1 passion. Who doesn't want to win, eh? :)

Michael De Mouy's picture

As someone who is getting started in photography later in life, I would love the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful location and learn to take better photos. I've heard great things about the Atlantis Resort.

Brendan McGibney's picture

Awesome workshop idea guys! Best of luck and hope it becomes an annual event!

Courtney Clouse's picture

I think it's really amazing the community of photographers who want to help each other learn and grow their business. Looking over the workshop website and reading about all the classes, it seems like it would be a once and a lifetime opportunity to be chosen to attend and really help those like myself trying, trying desperately to navigate the confusing waters of self-discovery and the journey you must go through as an artist to become "successful" (in whatever way that is defined for them). It's hard for me to articulate or justify that my needs and struggles are more important or profound than anyone else here... But if I don't try and fight for myself what happens then? It would be a dream come true. No. More than a dream if I were to be awarded this opportunity, but I also want to wish everyone else here that is hungry for their dreams to come true the best of luck in life and in their art.

Cristal King's picture

How exciting would that be! Learn more about photography in the Bahamas with you guys!!!!! Ah, YES!!!! Thank you for sharing what you know with us!!!

Raymond Yuen's picture

What an awesome event. This is exactly the type of venue where people like myself can relight the fire that drove us into this profession in the first place.

AE's picture

to explore to new beautiful locations, help my photography game and overall i need a break! haha

Brendan O'Morrow's picture

Why win? I do videography, and I want to improve my cinematography. There's not better way to do that than improving photography skills.

Brandon Sumlar's picture

Sweet. Lets hope I win. Definitely a great opportunity.

Andrew Dahm's picture

As someone who concentrates on landscape photography, much of the classes are outside of my realm of knowledge and would be a great learning opportunity. Also, because of its history, visiting Nassau would be incredible. Dread Pirate Andrew reporting for duty!

Cristi Kerekes's picture

Wow, this is an amazing chance ! I am commercial photographer for about 3 years and I really like to learn a lot from experimented people and photographers. This could be the chance of my life so I'm in this contest ! This trip would be awesome and a great chance to make progress :)

Tijn Schmitz's picture

Wow what a chance to meet all of my favorite heroes in the photography world at once! I would love to attend at this event, this year i am graduating form my photography study in The Netherlands. And i can learn even more from this event, i have already learned alot from you guy's at fstoppers. I would love to have the chance to go to this workshop.
Greetings from me Tijn Schmitz.

Henry's picture

Wow, this would be dream to go there!!

Henry's picture

After suffering three years from a burn out, this would be a great start into a new life!

Jarvis's picture

Are you seriously giving this away? Count me in. To have the oportunity to learn in person from the best in the business is just beyond dreams and looking at all outstanding work you guys have produced i have a hell of a lot to learn.

joe stemmer's picture

Opportunity of a lifetime to workshop with Mike Kelley, Rob Grimm, Aaron Nace, Dixie Dixon, Peter Hurley or any the instructors! It's like adding rocket fuel to your photography career!

esteban rodriguez's picture

Wow...I just saw the whole presentation of the workshop and the teachers and I couldn't stop drooling!!! I just wish I could make myself omnipresent and be present at every single one of them courses.... all of them are amazingly absurd!!!!

This would be like a master degree for me, nothing like working with the people making it happen now a days!!! I have been working as independent photogrpaher for 1 year and I absolutely love it!!! I'll go even if I don't win, even if I have to take a loan!! awesome!!

Joshua Beard's picture

I'm starting a project that will involve me living on the road teaching children creativity so as to collaborate with them on making a photo book that illustrates their stories (It's gonna be awesome. Here's a shameless plug for it: and :D.) Anyways, It would be nice to get away from all that sun in SE Asia for a while to relax in the Bahamas with all of that ..sun. Bollocks.

patricio martinez's picture

Awesome contest! my trigger finger is tingling after seeing your promotional video and my sponge brain would be in heaven for a week. pick me, pick me!!

Kevin Stoohs's picture

Love Fstoppers, love photography, and love the island life!

Scott VanGilder's picture

As I come up on my 40th birthday I have started to take stock of my life and experiences. I joined the photography profession a later in my life, Being able to experience these workshops would be an excellent jump start to helping me beat the years that I have dwindled away before finding this amazing craft!

Brandon Lee's picture

As a hobbyist with a passion for photography, this might just be the push I need to turn this hobby into something more. Plus I could really use a vacation, all this homework/snow is killing me!

Andrew's picture

I am a new photographer that is trying to get into portrait and wedding photography. This would be such a huge help to get me heading in the right direction. Besides the fact I never win anything. I want to go so bad... Please pick me

johan adermalm's picture

After following all of these guys online for some time now, it would be so surreal to actually meet all of them and on top of that... in Bahamas!

Digital Macdaddy's picture

I am definitely looking to take my skills to the next level! Shooting with some of the world's photography greats would be a huge honor!

Elizabeth Nord's picture

I would absolutely love to win this! I have told so many people and family members of mine about this amazing workshop and how much I'd love to go! I've recently relocated my business and since the move (to a place where I know no one) business has been very slow. However, with lots of hard work I've been able to book a few weddings and portrait clients in the area! I've never been to the beautiful Bahamas and would love to see it as well as learn from some of the best in the photography industry!

Akil Madan's picture

A few months ago, I left a bit of an emotional dump on your Facebook (when you announced it to the exclusive group first), which admittedly I felt a little embarrassed about afterwards :) But I guess this time it's for a good cause. The reason this trip is so significant to me is because my photographic adventure was born only a couple of years ago and the very guys and girls who have shaped my adventure so far are in this workshop. A chance to go to the Bahamas and meet these incredible people and personally thank them is something dreams are made of.

Chuck Fiorella's picture

Because if I won I would feel like I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume anytime I wanted not just from nine to eleven. In other words I would be ecstatic!

kostadinatanasov's picture

paradise island bahamas...would be good if I were there!

Alisha Massengill's picture

What an amazing opportunity! As a small business that is just starting to grow, a workshop like this is unobtainable for me. I would love the opportunity to learn from these amazing mentors and apply what I learn there to my business.

Jayce Giddens's picture

Wow!! I would love to go to this. I am a high school photography teacher- so by letting me go to learn and experience- really it's a win for all of the students I pass the lessons on to. With me, you get the broadest number of excited people. My whole school would love it!

Chet Meyerson's picture

Why? Easy! Beside the terrific location, it's the opportunity of a lifetime for me to learn from the best! Not to mention, I'm a huge FStoppers fan! What else need be said!

TheTXPhotographer's picture

Very exciting about this whole set up and what amazing instructors you have lined up. Would be a wonderful trip and experience, for sure!

Ghanem Alattar's picture

I am a part time wedding and portrait photographer that strives to make wedding photography a full time job and life long career. I am always looking for ways to improve my skill level and learn new tricks and techniques. To my opinion, learning from current pros in the industry like Pye Jirsa, Aron Nace, Mark Wallace is the best way to improve my skills and get a grip on some of the business aspect of my career. That's why I should win the trip to the workshop! Frankly I don't even care where it is happening! I'd just be honored to learn from the pioneers of the business! Thanks!

luis matos's picture

It would be amazing to win..really need to revamp my photo toolbelt and this workshop would make that happen

Lindsay Sarazin's picture

Dear Fstoppers or whom this may concern,

Hi, my name is Lindsay Sarazin from Northern Ontario. I'm 22 years old, First Nations and an artist. I've started into photography two years ago, and I have been learning how to build a business from the ground up. Being from a not-so-well-off family, I've not had the opportunities that many others have been able to experience. To me, a business opportunity such as this would provide me with the knowledge of how to better my business and develop professionally and creatively. To those in my community, I can bring back the knowledge and teach those what I have learnt, to help provide those with inspiration, and to show that if you work hard and dream big you can achieve anything as many of First Nations youth and young adults are lost with no hope for their own futures. I come from a place of honesty and respect and the drive to change the world I come from into a better place. If I am your chosen recipient for this contest, the knowledge you share will have a bigger impact than just myself, but rather a whole community.

Chi-miigwetch (Thank You) for your time.

Lindsay Sarazin

Matthew Everett's picture

There are many reasons I want to win, but I think the biggest is to learn to shoot architecture from Mike Kelley.

mathewsmithdotcom's picture

I live in canada, I could use the sun. So so pale.

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