A Quick and Helpful Tip for Organizing Images in Lightroom

Half the trick to success with Lightroom is knowing how to move around the app efficiently. A lot of that comes down to the right combination of shortcuts and workflow, and this helpful video show you a quick way to organize relevant images and some key combinations to make the process quicker.

Coming to you from Anthony Morganti, this video highlights the usefulness of targeted collections in Lightroom. Surely, you've used collections in Lightroom before, and they can be customized to ingest photos automatically based on rating, date taken, EXIF data, almost anything you please. If you're working quickly, though, you'll sometimes want to add a photo to a collection via a single keypress instead of setting up rules or selecting some subset of images and dragging them over. The Quick Collection is always there, but if you're looking for a permanent, dedicated collection, you can change the destination to a targeted collection, which simply remaps the Quick Collection to whichever you choose. It's a great way to quickly cull photos and select a group to edit. I personally think the best philosophy to being more efficient in Lightroom is to stay off the mouse and on the keyboard as much as possible, so I recommend using the keyboard shortcut; I think you'll find the whole process quite fast!

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