Combining Slow Motion with the World’s Fastest Camera Slider

By now most of you have probably watched the Matrix movies and seen how the bullet time effects were created, and if not where have you been? In a nutshell, the effect was used in the films too slow down or freeze a moment while adding a rotation around the subject using multiple cameras to capture that moment. Why did I bring that up?

Daniel DeArco shoots a lot of action and he set out to try to create a similar effect using only one camera as close as possible. With newer cameras, slow-motion capturing is becoming more prevalent and better. Using a camera with the ability to capture high frame rates, Daniel needed some time to move the camera quickly to imitate the bullet time effect. So he built his own prototype and he was able to produce some stellar results.  Check out the Outtakes video below for more on the slider and the behind the scenes stuff. It would be interesting to see this on a dolly track or circular slider to get more motion around the subject. Now let's see if he makes a video on how we can make our own, or will he proceed this to be sold on the market?

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Rex Jones's picture

This is seriously so cool!!

Felix Wu's picture

Hi, how did you make the powders fly out from the bottles?

Jonathan Ferland-Valois's picture

That's neat. When I see high speed cameras, it's always one of the first things I think about: make it move super fast to recreate the bullet time effect with only one camera.

FRANCES Lucero's picture

That is awesome my friend! You always amaze me with your talent in Photography, Filmmaking, dance, gymnastics and you can make anything with your hands!

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Looks pretty rad

Lee Morris's picture

I was going to throw some shade and say that you could just shoot out of a moving car but these shots are really unique and obviously could not have been done out of a car. Very cool!

Samad Khan's picture

Super cool!

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm curious how most cameras handle the rolling shutter with a movement this fast.