Experience of a 19-years-old Backpacker in New Zealand

Hey what's everybody,

Shortly to my person:
My name is Maximilian Mesch. I'm from Germany and 20-years-old by now. Like most of you I have a passion for photography and I love to travel.
That said I can get to my main content of this post.

Last year I had the opportunity to travel the North- and South Island of the...

Scotland photo trip questions (and first presentation)

Hi all!
I've just subscribed to the website and I already love it! So many good articles and so many inspiring photographies.
I'm a landscape photographer (not for work) so I hope you will hear of me here in the forum from today :-)

I start immediately with a question (hoping I'm not off-topic):

In September I'll go...

From Puerto Rico

Well i live in Puerto Rico on the south part and this photograph inspire me alot. this waterfall/river its from i live, its very unique and amazing.
Love the colors that came out of it.

Last light

Taken near by Cancale in France. Using a 3.0 ND Filter to make tha water smooth. The rays of the sun touching the rock in front of the lighthouse.

#landscape #seascape

Comments, criticism, and tips please!

My wife decided to finally buy me a tripod and NDx8 filter for my birthday. I went out and gave some landscape shots a try. This is my first venture into this type of photography, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

180mm macro

Does anyone have suggestion for good macro subjects for this lens beside bugs? Please share your photos.

San Nguyen
portrait of a bee

Camping in Skye

Since having Instagram I have come across stunning places thousands of miles away which make me feel like that is where I need to be and shoot. Recently I was going through photos from my trips around my home country Scotland realised that there are more than likely people thousands of miles away that would love to see the places around my home...

July 2015 Fstoppers Firework Photo Contest

This thread is the official thread for the July 2015 Fstoppers Firework Contest ending on July 6th. In order to enter a chance to win a tutorial from the Fstoppers Store, submit your best Firework related photograph below. All Entries must be made before 11:59 EDST on July 6th to be eligible.

Check out our article 7 Tips for...

How do you Shoot out of a Motor sailer or Chessnar?

Yesterday a friend invited me to fly with him and shoot with him out of the Plane....

New Area and new thoughts ;)
On the ground I tried 3 variations of lenses:

Ultra Wide Angle 11-24mm
Not a good solution :D you probably see the whole wing and side of the Plane.
Well in a creative way it could be a nice view but...

Sigma 150-600

I'm looking for something a bit longer than my Canon 100-400, and my father-in-law has been translating for them from English to Spanish, so we had a long talk about the newer lenses today. Anyone have any practical experience with the Sport or Contemporary? I can't decide which to get.

Opinions welcome.

That Brown One

This is a field with a abandoned rotting barn on the other side of it. The fog decided I wasn't getting that shot. I think I ended up with something better. I really like and hate this image. It was almost flawless. Once I got it on the computer I noticed one brown leaf in the lower center of the image. That one brown leaf gives me heart burn...

Weekend in Douro

image made during a weekend in Douro at the North of Portugal


Fetching image ...


Fetching image ...


May 2015 Fstoppers Contest

This thread is the official thread for the May 2015 Fstoppers Contest ending on June 1st. In order to enter a chance to win 3 Fstoppers Flash Discs OR a tutorial from the Fstoppers Store, submit your best Landscape related photograph below. All Entries must be made before 11:59 EDST on May 31st to be eligible.

The Future, Year 2013

hi guys, sharing you this image i took way back 2013, and my first post to this group.:)
hope you like it. Thank you!

Sherwin Magsino
The Future, year 2013

Long expouser Panorama and a Question for Measuring...

Which kind of Filter are you prefer?

I started with Lee Filters especially with the Lee Big stopper.... (The worst piece of Glas I have ever used)
My had such a big blue color cast. ( Of course it's possible to handle but not a good solution for me)
I banned mine out of my bag and bought something new the Format Hitech...