Pīwakawaka or New Zealand Fantail

Good morning,

I thought i share a random photo from the couple of others I've posted for comment, so normally when I wonder out into the wilderness I've got a 70-200 locked on the camera for the off chance that I catch some cool photos of bird.

I was walking a local track with my family and this little gal was following us as we...

Location ideas?

Just a quick thought, has anyone here ever had any experience shooting in North Wales (specifically the Holyhead area)? I'm off there for a few days next month and was wondering if anyone had any tips or locations they wouldn't mind sharing? I lived there for a year back in the 90's in my RAF days so I'm aware that the weather is often less...

"Light Reunion"

A long exposure I took a couple of weeks ago. I was doing some light trails during the night so I thought what the heck ... lets stay until sunrise.

Fs Newbie here... Share some feedback pls.

Hello Fs Community.

Been an avid shooter for quite a while, but only recently starting to showcase my portfolio (i.e here 500px, Flickr). Have a look at this photo and share some feedback please. Your follow gets my follow and comments.



3000m over Sibiu

Hey everyone, first time poster, long time lurker here. I just released a aerial landscape series from a recent trip to Romania, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Fetching image ...


Fetching image .....


I'm serious. Tell me what you truly think of this image, and how I can improve it. Personally, I really like the image, so I know that I may not be being as self-critical as I should. Also feel free to comment on the post processing, the crop, the composition, the exposure, comment on it all. Please. Wait, let me grab tissues first just in case...

Need your inputs

Hello Guys,

My first post here. I am a beginner level photographer and looking forward to learn a lot from you all.
Please give inputs about your view on this one.


Thoughts and CC please

Hi all,
I gave myself an exercise this morning to take a photo of a single subject in isolation. Your thoughts and cc as always gratefully received. I realize that this type of photo isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it floats my boat lol

Dawson, GA

When pulling over to capture a photo of a run down building, I simply turned around and found a pasture of pecan trees. Call it cliche, but the dreamlike state that these trees portray had me in a trance.