New landscape captures

I have 3 new shots from a recent trip to Germany, Austria and Italy. Would love to hear what you guys think.

The water stream was shot at the Gollinger Waterfall in Austria. The town is the famous Hallstatt, also Austria and the Autumn lake is at Hintersee in Germany.

Columbia River Gorge in Trouble :(

Its tough to see the images this week of the Gorge completely engulfed in flames after a careless teenager set off fireworks on the Eagle Creek Trail, sparking the blaze. I hope the damage won't completely ruin this gem in the PNW, and that any destruction will quickly re-grow. Here is a shot of Fairy Falls on the Multnomah-Wahkeena hike taken...

Fall Is Upon Us

People everyday walk through life and never see some of the finer things in life. In photography we learn to see beauty in things nobody else would ever notice. I shot this walking around the Zoo while the sun was beginning to set. The light was beginning to sneak through the leaves and branches and made for the perfect shot of this leaf before...

"Sunset on the sea" is very dark?

I shoot raw my photos. I'm editing photos with adobe lightroom desktop version on my notebook. Changing curves, tones.
Is this photo very dark edited?
Please comment my mistakes.

Best Regards.

Mosquito sand dunes

I took this pic couple month ago, during our trip to California. Mosquito sand dunes in Death valley. This place definitely deserve its name, when I shoot this photo, temperature was around 109 degree.

Thor's Well

A trip to the PNW last spring included a few days in Yachats to shoot Thor's Well. An incredibly small place with lots to offer!

My favorite scene from last winter

This will be in the next Travel Iowa flyer. It is of Rhodes Mill in Fertile Iowa after a 14" snow fall. I was getting over a nasty cold but that did not prevent me from going out in 0 degree weather and walking in the snow to get the shot. This is a five shot -1 step HDR image. I paid the price by hacking for the next five miles to my next...


In September 2017 I was 2 days in Buseu to photograph Vultures and eagles

Buseu is a little lost village in the spanish pyrenees.
Jordi Canut is the manager of the project to protect the landscape and the vultures.
Here you can see all 4 european species of vultures. I think its unique in europe.
Scientific supervisor...

Parisian landscapes

Hello people,

I'm a web developer and I work remotely for a Parisian company. Each time I go there, I take my gear with me and here is the result.

For the technical aspect, I'm the kind of guy who never uses filters. I love to blend exposures.

Foggy day

Hi everybody, I made this shot during my last visit in Dubai in December 2017. Nikon D810, PP with PS and Color FX Nik collection.