Need some lens suggestions

I shoot on a Canon 60D and am looking for a new lens. I was looking at the Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 but I really like the idea of having a full frame lens for when/if I upgrade. Basically I need a workhorse zoom that will be my primary and will compliment my 85mm f1.8.

I shoot a lot of outdoor stuff and lots of video that is heavily focused...

After the storm ...

A few days after the devastating earthquake in Nepal last spring, I was stuck in a guest house in a remote area of Pokahra district, in Rupa Lake.
The were a huge and a bit scary storm that damaged a lot of the already rickety houses.
But just after it there were this beautiful rainbow. I didn't notice the lightning when I took the...

First post - shot on film

Hi all,

New to Fstoppers and first post. Currently shoot film on the OM system & have just bought my first digital camera, Fuji X-T10.

Here are a couple of pics from my Olympus OM-10 (apart from the bench shot - that was on my P&S Konika C35 EFP) - scans are only low res so apologies for that. Any CC would be appreciated...

Giorgio Litt Photography

Hey FStoppers and Co-

Here's a sample of my landscape work! I'm an LA based photographer and filmmaker, and you can check out more landscapes and time-lapse at

This shot is of the Rio Grande Gorge bridge outside of Taos, NM.


Putting my money where my mouth is!

Hi all,
I've done a few critiques of peoples images here and I only have two or three on my Fstoppers portfolio so I thought I'd put my website url on here: http;// . A usual, any constructive criticism more than welcome. I just want to be a better photographer!

Hi !


This is my first post on here and would like some feedback and constructive criticism. Land/seascapes I've always struggled with I could never get it down but now I'm working on getting better so any feedback is appreciated !


First post on the group.

Hi people!

I'm an amateur photographer from Chile currently living in the Canadian rockies. This is I think one of my best shots and I would really like critiques and advice from you guys.

Cheers everyone!

500px :

New Member

Hi im a amateur portrait and landscape photographer from Puerto Rico. One of my first long exposure photography that i made

Feeling proud of myself

Hi all, Please don't think I'm boasting but I really wanted to share something pretty cool that happened to me this weekend.
A local website emailed me asking for an interview! I'm pretty stoked how it came out. Here's the link to it:

Hello Everyone!

My name is Timothy Smith and I am local Chicago Photographer. Feel free to check out my images and lend some feedback!
you can view more of my photos at, this photo below was taken in Infrared with a Nikon D750 and a 28 2.8 AI lens with a Infrared filter. All edited in Lightroom.

Road to the Heavens

Here is an image of the milky way I created a few months ago. I had two spotters for safety even though this road only sees 1 car every few hours.

Digital blending: what plugin do you use?

Hi everyone!
In the last few months I've approached to HDR photography, understanding its real potential. But even if the theory is very simple to understand, when it comes to practice it's very hard!
At the moment my workflow consist of blending 3 exposures in Lightroom and then process the new image in Photoshop + Nik collection....

Aurora flood

Hi all

This is my first post here. Just wanted to let you know that there is a strong geomagnetic storm blasting around Earth now, and that you might expect aurora much further south than usually. according to forecasters you could ser them as far south as Oregon and Illinois, and northern UK for example.

The aurora is a lot of...