Flowing Water

First post. I'm pretty new to photography. I backpack a lot so I figured it would be a good skill to learn. Yesterday while looking for a wedding venue, I drove past a small creek. The sun was casting a nice glow, so I thought it would be a good time to try to learn some skills. Finally got what I thought was the best I could get. Did some work...

Swedish Nature B&W

This is a photo I took about a week ago now.
Location: Alingsås, Sweden

Nikon D5100
About 120 seconds
ISO 100

Please give me your honest opinions and give me some advice for future compositions!
If you would like to follow me on Instagram for more of my photos: @gottschlagphoto

Thank you...

Happy Holiday Season to All

Hello everyone!

I am new to Fstoppers, so let me introduce myself. My name is Karen Bueno, I am lifelong resident of Racine, WI. U.S.A. I'm not going to bore anyone with my past/ my family etc., etc.
I will just say that Through a series of "misfortunes" earlier this year 2015, June to be exact. I discovered the wonderful world of...

Black Backgrounds

My recent fishing boats posting looks terrible against the white page. So I clicked, hoping to see it against a black screen, as often happens, and always to great effect. However, I got it against a white screen, again and it continues to look over dark and dull. The white is killing it. Does anyone knowhow to solve this problem?


Golden Gate Sunset

This shot was taken this summer and i heard a lot about Baker beach with night view the night. There's a LOT of photographers with tripod there and it's a good way to talk with and share some tips, experiences :) It was nearly before the complete sunset and light on Golden Gate just started. I saw this powerful reflection with the sand and sea...


Does anyone know why some of the posting lited in this group, and likely other groups, have nice quality and quite large thumbnails, and other don't have one.

Ian McCann

Paddy's Hole

Paddy's Hole is one of three very small fishing harbours made using slag from the local, and now closed, Redcar steel works. Not pretty in the post card or biscuit tin aesthetic, but that is not my style. Still for those with more grit than most there is an aesthetic to be enjoyed.

Redcar blast furnace

The world has a glut of steel at the moment and so prices of slab are low on international markets. This is the second largest blast furnace in europe and one of the most efficient anywhere. Its steel is also regarded as amongst the best worldwide. China is flooding the market with subsidised slab, making Teesside's steel uneconomical and the...

Redcar Steelworks, Blast Furnace b&w

Michael Lacy, asked for a black and white version of the photograph I posted earlier from my collection of memorial images of this sad tale of industrial and social GBH.

I had to add an infrared filter to make the low contrast scene work in monochrome as the original beauty came from low dark muted tones and colours not the contrast...

Is it even possible to sell your landscape art online?

Well the fast answer is yes, ofcause you can sell it online - but can you make a business out of it and live from it?
I'm not so much looking for advices on photography, as much as on the business part of it?
- An easy website for the user is ofcause a must.
- AdWords is optional, but should work if you can target...

Paris by Night

I was walking beside the seine in Paris with my girlfriend (romantic city ^^) and wanna give us a good memories from this contrast architecture : Notre Dame de Paris against Haussmann building and the Seine in front :)
What you think about compostions, lights, leave a comments guys :)
(i exported it in 1200 large 150dpi which size...

Is this a little too bright

Hi All,

I love landscapes but was a bit suprised with some negative feedback I got from this photo.

Open to feedback about it, what you think?

Too bright, too much color, or just right?

All constructive feedback appreciated.

CC Requested

Hi everyone,

I've recently made a commitment to myself to improve my photography. With that, I would love some constructive feedback on a recent image of mine. Positive comments are great, but I really do want to improve, so I really am interested in what you think I can do better; from in camera improvements to what I could have done...