The Sun is Shining Every Day (Mynydd Moel, Wales)

Myself and the family were driving back home to the West Midlands after a lazy day on Barmouth beach. It's approaching golden hour. I'm trundling through the Welsh valleys when I catch this in beautiful image in my wing mirror. I simply had to stop, turn around, find a layby and take the shot.

Winter is coming...Or so I thought!

Who would have thought that the last day of autumn Would have given such a colorful sunrise. I traveled to Torr Head expecting dull and overcast sky's but I was treated to this amazing scene. The only problem I faced was choosing which composition to use as no matter where I stood the view was truly epic.

online sales

Hey everyone,
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Under minimum

A small reservoir that ran out of water. Today it snows in the mountains and soon the streams and rivers will recover their normal flow after a long dry season. Today is a day to be happy.

Greetings from Spain

Yulong river, China

A photo taken during my recent trip to China, in the area of Yangshuo. Very nice place to visit. The weather wasn't great, stormy and hazy most of the time. With the numerous karst peaks in the distance, a clear atmosphere would be a must.
I found a secret spot on the bank, taking some rest in the shadow of a big tree and tried to capture...

City in the clouds

When I arrived there was not even a hint of the possibility of any fog rolling in which was something that I had been hoping would happen for quite some time, So when the fog arrived I was over joyed

CC requested

Hello All,

How can I improve this image. I really like the dappled light and the colours, but i feel that more can be done with this image but not sure how. Do you feel that the composition is too busy? Should I try to simplify it? If so how should I do it without loosing the intrigue and the mood of the image. Thanks

Mirror Mirror

Sunrise on the Lago di Braies in the Dolomites, With the Tre Cime, It's certainly the most visited place in the Dolomites.

In autumn the place look so peaceful, it's complicated to achieve a perfect reflection as there is often wind on the surface of the lake.

I had a bit of luck as 10 minutes after the shot, the reflection...

Comments or suggestions for improvement?

I'm a fairly new member at Fstoppers, and this is one of my first posts. I suppose you would say I'm a serious amateur photographer.

This is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, near the tip of Mount Desert Island in Maine USA. There were about 60 photographers waiting for the sunset, and several photobombers who darted in front of us frequently...

Bird Photography - Heron on Grand Union

New to this site and trying to invest in the time to improve on my photography. Lucky enough to live beside the Grand Union Canal in England and recently we have seen this Heron in the same spot regularly.

Questions for the group - the swans, ducks and geese on the canal often move very fast so it seems to be luck when I get a...