Redcar blast furnace

The world has a glut of steel at the moment and so prices of slab are low on international markets. This is the second largest blast furnace in europe and one of the most efficient anywhere. Its steel is also regarded as amongst the best worldwide. China is flooding the market with subsidised slab, making Teesside's steel uneconomical and the...

Redcar Steelworks, Blast Furnace b&w

Michael Lacy, asked for a black and white version of the photograph I posted earlier from my collection of memorial images of this sad tale of industrial and social GBH.

I had to add an infrared filter to make the low contrast scene work in monochrome as the original beauty came from low dark muted tones and colours not the contrast...

Is it even possible to sell your landscape art online?

Well the fast answer is yes, ofcause you can sell it online - but can you make a business out of it and live from it?
I'm not so much looking for advices on photography, as much as on the business part of it?
- An easy website for the user is ofcause a must.
- AdWords is optional, but should work if you can target...

Paris by Night

I was walking beside the seine in Paris with my girlfriend (romantic city ^^) and wanna give us a good memories from this contrast architecture : Notre Dame de Paris against Haussmann building and the Seine in front :)
What you think about compostions, lights, leave a comments guys :)
(i exported it in 1200 large 150dpi which size...

Is this a little too bright

Hi All,

I love landscapes but was a bit suprised with some negative feedback I got from this photo.

Open to feedback about it, what you think?

Too bright, too much color, or just right?

All constructive feedback appreciated.

CC Requested

Hi everyone,

I've recently made a commitment to myself to improve my photography. With that, I would love some constructive feedback on a recent image of mine. Positive comments are great, but I really do want to improve, so I really am interested in what you think I can do better; from in camera improvements to what I could have done...

First snow of 2015

We got our first snow of 2015 today and I have been wanting to re-shoot this scene at a local park. On my first attempt two years ago, I didn't get enough separation between this tree and the background. Today the snow was really coming down which helped the separation a lot. Love to get your thoughts and comments.

Is this too "pop"? :)

I'm having troubles finding the right balance for this one because of different monitors. Before I found it too flat but now I might think I went a bit overboard and made it too "pop"? :P

Looking for some CC

This is like a mile from my house. I woke up one morning to this perfect storm and had to get a shot of it! I didn't have a lot of time so I went to a spot just behind and my house and it turned out way better than what I thought it would. I want to know what people who are not my Facebook friends think of this one. Please let me know!! I'll...

Hey guys! Some CC on this?

This is my first post here, so i apologise in advance if I do something wrong. This is an image I took a while ago, when i visited a remote monastery at around 1800m. Be as harsh as you can ;) !

Sunrise shot

I got out to this area just before sunrise and scouted around. I found this shot and setup to wait for the sunrise.

Mount Cook New Zealand

Hi Guys, this is one of my first posts on fstoppers, and my first post here. This image is a frame from a day to night time-lapse I shot looking towards Mount Cook in New Zealand. It was certainly a magical evening that night! Exif data is listed under the image for those who are interested.

Military Museum, Paris

Took this shot of the military museum in Paris, this was the widest i could get (16mm on crop sensor), really liked the way the path split off in 3 directions. You may disagree but the couple just coming into shot adds to the picture for me. CC most welcome.


I hate to bring this up because it is not as fun as discussing pictures and often starts arguments. But, I am stuck and need some other opinions. I am moving to purchase a new computer and monitor to replace my aging set.. I have been a PC user to this point, though I use a MacBook on the road. I am trying to make the decision about moving to...

Abstract from above the clouds

Hi guys, Took this shot through the plane window coming back from Paris, the sky looked amazing so i decided to tilt the camera to make an abstract. Shot on a6000 with 50mm lens @ ISO 2000 and the processed with DeNoise.

New in the group and of Fstoppers

Hello everyone,

As a passionate of landscape photography I feel like home here !

This is my first post in the group and I'd like to submit this picture for feedback

As you can guess it was taken in Venice few weeks ago, I hope you'll enjoy it

Hope to hear from you guys soon !