A redo "Fallen Leaf Lake"

I took this back into Photoshop because my skills have improved since I posted it about a month and a half ago. Fallen Leaf Lake is seriously one the most glorious places on this earth. I'm pretty sure I had the full story posted on the previous version, but I don't feel like typing it all out agin. So a shortened version I only had about 30...

Location feedback

Hi guys

Sorry for all the posts, but it's nice and helpfull with all your feedback!

I took this photo before I received my Lee Big Stopper, so I used a cheap ND filter for this photo. It's by far not one of my greatest. The reason for the post is your thoughts of the location and the object in the photo. It's a location that I'm...

Y Bwlch at night

Exploring an iconic road in South Wales & were there until the sun set & the fog rolled in. Shot on my X-T10, 16-55mm, F3.2, ISO1000, 30 sec exposure. CC always welcome

Orange or Red?

What do you think, orange or red? I captured both of these on the same morning. No difference in processing, the sky actually changed colors quite drastically.

Near miss

Hi all,
I've been playing with this for a few days and have finally admitted defeat! I just didn't expose correctly for the upright post at capture and lost loads of detail. I think it's a little out of focus as well (I must have knocked my focus ring at some point and not noticed). Ah well, I'll just have to chalk it up to experience and...


im new to photography and would like to get into landscape photography. Would anyone suggest which camera i should go for? Few cameras in my mind are nikon d5200, d5300 canon 700d and the fujifilm xt10 mirrorless. Would really appreciate your valuable feedbacks .

Sunset Contrails?? Does it work or not??

You all have been posting some really great images and I really enjoy discussing them and especially seeing them. I find it very motivating to see all the great images you all are sharing. Lately here in Chicagoland we've had an amazingly warm start to winter, so all my usual winter shots just are not happening. Hardly any snow or ice...what's...

Color Layers - New Zealand

A landscape photo from my trip to New Zealand back in 2014.
Location: Wai-O-Tapu, on the northern island.

I took the photo on a rather dark and cloudy day. So that's the reason for the dark tree line in the background.

What do you guys think about it?

Íon - A Portrait of Scotland

Hey all!

My name is Albert, I'm 21 and going to school for telecommunications at UF, and I also do video/photo production work! This summer I got to take a ten day trip to Scotland and went trigger happy with my GH4 and Mark iii, and basically got a TON of footage from all over the country, from Edinburgh to Isles of Skye. Just a few...

CC please (and some help!) for a W.I.P.

Hi all,
I'm working on this image at the moment. I'm pretty happy how it's going but I can't seem to shift the halo I'm getting around the vertical post, any tips eagerly accepted! Also any other CC as always welcomed. Thanks :)

Sunset at Serengeti

I would love some thoughts on this this photo I took on the great plains of Serengeti, Tanzania. Shot during the sunset. I was waiting for the heron to stop on the small hilltop.

Does the yellow and orange colors take too much away from the photo?

Cheers guys!

CC / Feedback long exposure photo

Hi guys

First of all, I'm new here on Fstoppers website - so hi to everyone :)

I did my first long exposure photo during last weekend. I just bought Lee's Big Stopper.
I'm looking for some CC / feedback and I hope you guys can help me regarding that :)

Storm is Coming.... (cc / feedback)

Hey everyone,

Looking to get some constructive criticism / feedback on this shot of mine. Still working a little on it.

Shot with Canon T2i
Single Exposure
Lightroom / Photoshop / Nik

Thanks in advance for any feedback.