Visit Faroe Islands

Hi there,
This year I did my first holiday just to go out alone and taking photos. So in September it hits me to Faroe Islands. It was really great and I want to share a feew Images from this holiday. I just can say, go to Faroe Islands you definitly will love it! So nice and friendly people, lots of free space to take photos, a lot of...

Yosemite pics for feedback please?

Hi all

Would really appreciate your feedback here. Both taken this year in January. The reflection shot is from an Fuji X-T1 and the other from an iPhone 6+. Slightly different workflows on Snapseed on my phone.



Cataloochee Fall

One of the most scenic and peaceful places I've found in Maggie Valley, NC, is the Cataloochee ski area. Follow the long winding road up to the top of the mountain and eventually you'll find yourself in the middle of an open ranch... No manmade fences, only horses and cows roaming the mountainside. Take a moment to enjoy that closeness to the...


Visited London recently. Couldn't skip on Stonehenge. 2 days before winter solstice.

Because aliens.

Two Medicine

Glacier National Park
By any name and from any view, Glacier National Park has a dramatic presence. Home to more than one million acres, the beauty with glacier-carved terrain that encompasses wild meadows, glistening clear rivers, stunning 400-foot waterfalls, striking rock faces and dramatic mountain peaks, it's truly unlike any place...

New group banner photo - Submit your image

Hey group, I think we should get a new group banner photo. So how about in the comments of this post you submit one of your images and based on the up votes we can decide what one gets picked.

*** As you can see if you're browsing on a computer, the banner is stretched quite wide and not very tall. Not all images are going to look good...

Good Morning Leman

This is a sunrise view over one of the biggest european lake, the Leman Lake in switzerland.

In october the sunrises next to the lake are so peaceful especially on a sunday morning.

in summer this place is totally crowed by people searching some refreshment.

One other advantage of sunrise in winter, you don't have to wake...

Xingping Laozhai Hill sunset view

This is the view from Xingping Laozhai Hill in Yangshuo, China, looking west.
I wasn't sure which result I would get from the pictures I took that day. I bracketed all my shots to have some security in post.

This image is composed of a series of 3 bracketed shots, +/-2 stops, plus another one where I masked the sun with my finger...

Hidden Beach

It was perfect weather to take a day trip around Lake Jocassee in northwest South Carolina. This area is full of service roads that wind up the mountain and offer overhead views of one of the most beautiful lakes in SC. As we wound our way down the mountain to the lake, we found this area tucked away in a cove below a primitive campsite....

Panoramic Landscape

Here are some of the shots involving various shots being stitched together from various places. I am just beginner at this and there is not a whole lot of days that I get to go out and take pictures of landscape and pristine landscape in the middle of nowhere.

Marlboro view

This is quite a unique view, located between Canyon Lands NP and Dead horse state park. It is not crowed with a tourists and to get there you will need 4 wheel drive. The whole place is a redrock woodcut engraved by wind’s and water’s big, slow chisels. Everybody told me that it is great spot for sunrise, but sunset worked good too!

The Beauty of Southern Utah

To save space, these area images of the National Parks I have been to in Southern Utah during summer. Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef are just name some of the few that I have already been to. They are all taken during the broad daylight.

Too much ?

Hello everybody,

Recently i went on a photography expedition to Greenland on a sailing ship. It was the experience of a lifetime, and i came home with a ton of pictures. One of the images i was particularly fond of from the start was this reflection of a massive iceberg during sunset. I liked it so much i even had a large print made to...

Photography Playdate In The Alabama Hills

If someone asked a photographer what their idea of an ideal landscape for people like themselves, they might just come up with a description of the Alabama Hills west of the California town of Lone Pine. Dramatic (one might say, epic) scenery, tons of possible foreground opportunities, endless places to explore and get unique images, and, last...