CC please

These are two pictures from the past summer that I like quite a bit but am not sure if it is only because I was there and have an associated memory to go along with them. Friends and family aren't much help as they like everything, so some CC is welcome (My day job is high school principal so I don't think there is anything that you could say...

African Sunrise

Hi guys

Another photo from one of my tours in Africa. I took the photo from a wooden boat on Lake Tanganyika in west Tanzania. This was the beginning of an 20 hour long journey on the lake with the final destination to be Mahale Mountains National Park.

I was intrigued by the sunlight among the palm trees on the shore and the...

Snowy Sunrise - Feedback Please

Hi, I'm new to Fstoppers community but have been enjoying the Youtube videos for many months now. I'd like to get some honest, critical feedback on my images. This one was taken yesterday morning during a brief break in the snowstorm.



Bird Portraits

Spend the holidays in Squamish BC. We got an unusual amount of snow this winter so naturally I took advantage. Went out early one day and was fortunate enough to come across a gorgeous heron relaxing during a morning snowfall. He let me get quite close:)

Was it worth the 4am wake up call???

I got up at 4am the other morning to head out to bamford edge and ladybower reservoir for some sunrise and long exposure shots. It was a mega hike in the dark and mud but I feel what I got was worth the trip. What do you guys think???