First "Post Elia" Image...

This is a little bit of a cheat as I took the shot before I had watched any of Elia's tutorials and had processed using Lightroom. I wasn't in any way comfortable in Photoshop. I've watched around half of the tutorials and I wanted to practice what I was seeing on one of my own images so I returned to this one... Looking at it now I think maybe...

Love to hear your comments

Hi guys,

I did capture this view times ago and retouched by my own feeling. So I would love to share with you and also much appreciated if I can get some feedbacks.


Michel Nguyen
The alone tree

Paris Cityscape

I took this actually While I was on vacation there.

I don't like how the sun is only shining on the far end only. A little distracting.

So, any suggestions to improve this photo? Be as frank as possible :D


Hi Guys

I'm looking for some CC for this shot.
I know that the sky is more or less centre which may not be ideal, but what do you think about the colors? More or less saturation? Especially in the sky and in the ice blocks.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

First time critique requested

Hi all, first-timer here. Just came back from an incredible vacation to Greece and wanted some feedback on some of the pictures I was able to capture. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Looking back on some of the photos, I already know some of the things I wish I would have done differently but I'm sure most photographers go through...

CC request

Hi guys, I'm looking for some input into this shot that I've taken recently in NZ. Was actually shooting along the coast, but noticed the light coming over the hill when I turned back towards land ! Edited in Lightroom, with a fair bit of shadow recovery and a graduated filter coming in from the top left. Got a few more that would be great to...

The Time Traveler

Should I make the ship and the sea a little bit darker ?
I'm struggling on this matter

Bill Peppas
The Time Traveler

First Attempt at Macro

I have recently decided to up my photography game and actually try and make good compositions/take solid photographs for prints. I was much more casual before, now I am proactive in learning how to take better photos.

That being said, today I attempted Macro photography and this was one result I enjoyed the most. Unfortunately, I feel...

Leadership Transformation Miracle

Another vantage point overlooking Singapore's Central Business District, New Downtown and Civic District.

Please feel free to comment and critique whether this photo works for you.

Many Thanks.

Vincent Chiang
Leadership Transformation Miracle


My try at one of the most iconic and photographic places in Iceland. What do you think?
Did I capture it right?

Patrick Luchsinger
Iconic Kirkjufell

New to Photography

Hi Everyone

I have just started out in photography and can't get enough of shooting pictures and playing around with them in post production. Here is my first attempt at landscape photography any criticism to help me develop would be very much appreciated.


First attempt with stacking and blending
Good Day...
This is my first attempt at photographing some of the milky way on the rocks at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.
I took 20 exposures at f1.8, 50mm Prime, 5 seconds iso 400.
Critiques always welcome.

The Ultimate Landscape and Nature List?

Sharing my personal photos is currently on hold as they are all being transferred, and backed up, across drives. To fill the void I've assembled this list because the outstanding landscape/nature images on are buried among the many portrait/glamour/wedding images. Thus a list to help aggregate the best of the genres in a single...

Sunset at Jyvasjarvi

My camera just came back after some sensor cleaning. Here is a picture of yesterday's sunset in lake Jyvasjarvi. Jyvaskyla, Finland.
Please give me some feedback and criticism on what is right and what is wrong in the picture. Thank you.

Top Landscape Photos List

I'm trying to gather as many very well executed and beautiful landscape scenes photos here on Fstoppers and ultimately build a List with all the shots.
As I look for photos voting, etc, I notice that landscapes are like 5% of the shots I stumble upon here, so instead of hoping to see some awesome landscape photos, I thought I should open...