As I was going through my old photos this photo came up and Mandalay Bay was right there in my face zoomed in. Never have I posted this photo before because it didn't show the full Vegas strip, but I new exactly what to do when I found it again. So I added the VEGAS STRONG text and blended it into the clouds to give it that extra touch it...

Just before the sun washed out the scene

Had a chance to do this hike with Michael Hellen and started the loop just after sunrise. This was the last waterfall we saw before the sun peaked over the mountains and washed out the scene. Was able to grab some light beams casting through the mist as we were both perched precariously on a slick muddy slope above the creek.


Balanced Rock Arches National Part

Decided to take a different view of Balanced Rock in Arches NP. Most pictures you see show the rock from the road/parking lot, so I decided to try something different. Didn't get there until it was almost dark, but the sky worked out.

Tahquamenon Falls

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, from a visit a couple of years ago.

I took several different exposures to see the effect on the water movement, with times ranging from 2 sec to 15 sec. This was the 15 second exposure, and my favorite.

Horseshoe Bend

I took this photo at sunset in Horseshoe Bend. I changed the lens to a 14mm to capture the entire river bend with some rocks just below me in the edge of the cliff. A little help of the tripod (inclined ahead) was needed too to do the shot. :)

6000 Feet

Would love some critiquing on this image I crafted whilst on a bus tour out west with my family. Any and all advice is welcomed!

Thank you
Cody Schultz

Instagram Pod

I posted about creating an instagram pod in the business group but figured i would post in here as well. If anyone is interested in either starting up or adding me to a pod strictly for landscape photography, please let me know! Looking to get 10 to 15 people before starting one up...

New landscape captures

I have 3 new shots from a recent trip to Germany, Austria and Italy. Would love to hear what you guys think.

The water stream was shot at the Gollinger Waterfall in Austria. The town is the famous Hallstatt, also Austria and the Autumn lake is at Hintersee in Germany.

Columbia River Gorge in Trouble :(

Its tough to see the images this week of the Gorge completely engulfed in flames after a careless teenager set off fireworks on the Eagle Creek Trail, sparking the blaze. I hope the damage won't completely ruin this gem in the PNW, and that any destruction will quickly re-grow. Here is a shot of Fairy Falls on the Multnomah-Wahkeena hike taken...

Fall Is Upon Us

People everyday walk through life and never see some of the finer things in life. In photography we learn to see beauty in things nobody else would ever notice. I shot this walking around the Zoo while the sun was beginning to set. The light was beginning to sneak through the leaves and branches and made for the perfect shot of this leaf before...

"Sunset on the sea" is very dark?

I shoot raw my photos. I'm editing photos with adobe lightroom desktop version on my notebook. Changing curves, tones.
Is this photo very dark edited?
Please comment my mistakes.

Best Regards.

Mosquito sand dunes

I took this pic couple month ago, during our trip to California. Mosquito sand dunes in Death valley. This place definitely deserve its name, when I shoot this photo, temperature was around 109 degree.

Thor's Well

A trip to the PNW last spring included a few days in Yachats to shoot Thor's Well. An incredibly small place with lots to offer!