RocknRoller MultiCart: The Most Useful Tool In A Location Photographer's Kit

Ever since I briefly introduced it in my Photographer's Grip Kit video, people have been emailing and messaging me regarding the utility cart I use to haul gear around a job site. As a result, I figured a video was in order to talk about the cart in more detail, along with the modifications we've made to better adapt it to our workflow.

The RocknRoller MultiCart is a modular utility cart, which is really just a hand truck on four wheels in it's purist form. But the ability to select all-terrain tires, add platforms and shelving, and fold flat for stowing and transport is what makes it a great choice for location photographers. After loading it up with gear at the car, we drag it to the set, and then partially unload it to utilize the top shelf as a computer platform for tethered shooting. The MultiCart sells for $100-$300 (depending on options) at most photo supply houses and Guitar Centers (bands and DJs use them to haul gear too).

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Douglas Snyder's picture

Love my R12 and shelf. Still have the original style tires which are sometimes an issue. Definitely need to upgrade to the No-Flats at some point. I do like your shelf mod although I might drill the new tabs so I could pin the shelf in place.

Tony Roslund's picture

We had concern about the shelf not being pinned in place too after our mod, but quickly realized it wasn't an issue for us. If we did need it to be more secured, we could always slap a superclamp on it.

Clay Cook's picture

Dude, that is nice. I know a a guy that might be able to make the same modification. Thanks for sharing!

Grant Hodgeon's picture

If you have a little more in your budget, the Remin Kartmaster is an insane workhorse and solid as a rock. Not as modular but seriously heavy duty. Top shelf is $300 and rated for 200lb but I constantly push the boundaries with that w/ no problems.

Tony Roslund's picture

For higher budgets the Backstage carts and Filmtools versions are also great choices.

Grant Hodgeon's picture

For 'BIFL' quality and serious daily use. Nothing beats Inovativ:

Rick Urbanowski's picture

This is one of those instances where I figure I'll read an article and maybe pick up a little insight into a product I already own. Turns out this is the best freaking modI've ever come across! Thank you!

Tony Roslund's picture

BOOM! Glad you dig it. I wish I knew how to weld.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Do you have any suggestions for something that might be lighter? While this would fit in my car just fine, it's kind of heavy to try to manipulate around. I'm trying to make do until I get an SUV or at least a hatch back.

Tony Roslund's picture

Jennifer, It's actually quite a bit lighter than you may think. You could always go with their R8 model or one of the other small models they make. I bought the largest version.

Ed Hall's picture

I've had an older R8 for about 10 years now and I Love IT, though when I have to go "off road" I do wish it had the bigger front wheels. I'll second it being easier to handle by yourself than you'd think. Usually only need assistance when going off the sidewalk fully loaded.

Don't have the shelf for it but seriously rethinking that. Thanks for the great Videos

Avrohom Perl's picture

I have been waiting for an excuse to buy one of these for a long while.
Thats a damn good mod, thanx for the tip!!

Can I request a video (for when you run out of ideas?)
Studio walk-through, specifically were and how you store and mount your gear.

Thank you, awesome as always!

Tony Roslund's picture

I'll see what I can do.

Brandon Elliot's picture

Great idea! I just bought the R12 + shelf because of it!

Any chance we could see close up video or photos of the shelf modification? Did you cut off the ends and weld back on?

Tony Roslund's picture

Yep. Cut them and rewelded. I'll see if I can get some close-up photos posted.

Street Core's picture

I've had one of these carts for a few years and replaced the shelf bolts with round wire locking pins. I can put the shelf on very quickly by myself, especially if I flip the cart on its side. It's an easy modification, no welding required ;-)