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Adobe to Issue Another Update to Lightroom, Bring Back Features

Great news for Lightroom users: today, Adobe announced another update to the program, confirming that they will be reinstating the old Import dialog, which was replaced by a newer dialog that received harsh criticism for its excessive simplicity and removal of features.

Last week was unexpectedly eventful for Lightroom users. After Adobe issued the 2015.2/6.2 update, many users experienced heavy stability issues that brought their workflows to a halt, while others were upset to find that certain features, such as the option to automatically eject a memory card after an import was complete, were removed. The response was vocal and quick, prompting Adobe to quickly release an update that addressed the stability issues, as well as an apology. Today, Adobe confirmed that they will also be reverting to the old Import dialog in their next release, which will restore the previously removed features and give more granular control over the process. While they have not set a date for this yet, they have released instructions on how to roll back to version 2015.1.1/6.1.1, the most recent version with the previous dialog. Users who are interested in doing so can find those instructions here. I'm personally quite happy to hear this, as I like to save as much time as possible by customizing the import process to my liking and maximizing the work I can automate through it.

[via Adobe]

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Ryan Mense's picture

I didn't have any stability issues, but that new Import screen was so frustratingly bad. Glad to see it go so soon.

Alex Cooke's picture

I couldn't agree more! I'm looking forward to this update.

Spy Black's picture

I use 5.6 at home (I'm not one to jump on the latest version of anything for a thrill, I stick with what works), but where I'm freelancing right now I'm dealing with this crap and it craaawwwwwllllsss. Torture. I keep waiting for it to just crash. It did twice, but now it's just a sloth. Good thing I'm on an hourly rate!

J D's picture

I didn't mind it but I guess they have to give the customers what they want.

Adam Hills's picture

i only ever see negative comments from you Jerry...

Geoffrey Badner's picture

Jerry... why don't you try posting some pictures instead of wasting everyones time with your idiotic comments. You have 9 pix, but over 900 comments.

Alex Cooke's picture

And this sub-thread is closed now too. No more comments.

Zoli Tarnavölgyi's picture

strange, I didn't have any stability problem with that update (on Win 7), and actually I like the new Import screen. but I don't mind to go back for the older one. doesn't matter.

what drives me crazy is that if I change between the Library and the Develop modul, the color of the pictures changes!! that IS A PROBLEM! in Library mode the pictures get a greenish tone. now, if I turn off the GPU support, this issue disappers, but please, I don't want to turn that off, because LR is so, so slow anyway!
so Adobe, give us a fix for that bug please!

Zoli Tarnavölgyi's picture

I know, that the right color is in Develop modul, but to check the final images I always go through (of course!) in the Library, that's what it is for, right? It is slow in it too, but better to scroll over, than in Develop. And if I see sg wrong, I go back to Develop. Now I just don't know about the right color... I have to trust myself.
Yes, LR has a few awful things, but it is not a bad software, I really like it. To work on a big project (wedding...) fast it is the only solution so far. Wish to develop the speed of it more.

Norbert Tukora's picture

Ez azért van, mert a Library modul az előre legyártott előképeket használja, ami ugye nem feltétlenül az aktuális állapota a képnek. :)

Zoli Tarnavölgyi's picture

Sajnos nem. ha kikapcsolod a gpu gyorsítást, megszűnik a probléma! és nem olyan régi keletű egyébként, régen nem volt ilyen gond.

David Butler II's picture

I liked the new import window... go figure

Joakim Drake's picture

Can someone call me when the latest version of OSX and Lightroom are stable? =)

Anonymous's picture

It seems there are a lot of very spoiled and ungrateful customers for whom Adobe can do nothing right!

Some of these comments are flat out embarrassing and make the posters look like real jerks!

First of all, it is extremely rare for a software company to come out and apologize and agree they screwed up and they will immediately set to work on fixing the problem! However, Adobe works very hard to keep their users happy. This is not the first time they have taken this course of action when they messed up!

You should be thanking them for their responsiveness to the consumer uproar over this issue rather than criticizing their motives for making the apology. Most software companies just say "tough crap - go elsewhere if you don't like it".

They didn't have to apologize at all - just quietly issue the next update with no fanfare and let you figure it out for yourself!

Some of you seem to think they are a slave of yours because you pay a CC membership fee. Get real! You get a heck of a lot of value out of that relatively small contribution monthly - and it keeps getting better without a cost increase!

Those of you asking for a free month or $50, get real! This was hardly that aggregious of an offense that Adobe should spend tens of millions of dollars to give all CC users a free month. I would far rather see them put that money into R&D to make the product even better!

I do not work for Adobe nor do I have any financial interests in their business. I am simply a long time computer user who always wanted to be able to use Photoshop and other applications they created - but I couldn't afford the price of the apps or CS. I was (and still am) thrilled that they introduced CC that allows more people to be able to use these amazing products.

In 25 years of using computers, I've seen all kinds of crap by hardware and software firms, however very few rise to the level of Adobe when it comes to delivering courteous, responsive customer service!

As for me, I am very grateful that Adobe has heard us as customers and is going to take action to respond to our needs!