Easily Upload Your Images to 500px via this Lightroom Plugin

500px has taken the world by storm since their launch in 2009. In many ways it's become the new hub for sharing and expoloring work from some of the greatest photographers around. This nifty little pluggin from the developers at 500px (available here) will alow you add one quick step to your workflow to share your images on the site.

If you haven't already, be sure to check our Dani Diamond's awesome Fstoppers article: Top 48 Photographers to Follow on 500px.

What is your LR workflow for exporting and sharing on sites like 500px, Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram? Tell us in the comments below.

[Via 500px on YouTube]

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Anonymous's picture

Great... bulk uploading will be the death of 500px. Sharing platforms like this should have upload limits so photographers only post their best work.

Robin Browne's picture

I agree.

Kari Kumpulainen's picture

Yeah, agree with Greg.

Bulk uploading tool is not good for photo community (like 500px) if there are no limits.
Look f.e. Flickr, people are basically emptying their memory cards in there without thinking about if the photos should be shared or not.

I think limiting upload to 1 image per day, even 1 image for week would make people to think, if something is worth publishing.

michael buehrle's picture

true. i think it will be ok until all the hacks start to use it and clog it up. it has quality stuff right now. when i start getting 47 pics of your dog in the pool i'm out.