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Sara Beer

I took this picture as a test to try out some new techniques. I used 2 old barn doors as surfaces for the background. 4 lights were used: One gridded flash on the background, another monobloc with a grid from above and behind. To the left hand side, i used double difussion with a stripbox, and a optical spot on the bottle label. Merged about 7 exposures in Ps.

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Beautiful work Sebastian!

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Thank you!

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Probably best to start this by saying that I've just been looking through your other stuff and it's really beautiful, clean but also has a feeling of being natural. Now, to this composition - you did say in the description that you are just trying out techniques so I don't know if you are interesting in any nitpicking here but hopefully you take this as just someones opinion for your consideration. I'm writing this based on look alone rather than technique because frankly, I wouldn't be able to!

Anyway, here goes... overall it just doesn't look drinkable to me - the product itself looks flat and textureless. The logo on the glass doesn't look right either and not quite central. It is quite off-putting. There is something wrong with the right hand edge of the glass which really shows up against the darkest background sections. Overall, it is a bit cardboard cut-out for me but definitely interesting.

I don't mean to throw out comments on something which was just meant as an experiment so I really hope what I have written is useful in some way.

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Thank you for the insights. I agree with you, personally I do not like the composition. I should have put the glass further back because it seems too big compared to the bottle. I didn't notice while shooting because most of the time the glass was empty. (and the glass isn't that nice to begin with). Gotta play and learn. Thanks again