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Fast food style menu

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very nice!

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Thank you. I really appreciate that, especially coming from you. Big fan.

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That is an incredibly small scoop. Nice composite!

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it really is that small :)) thanks

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Wow !! Eye popping mouth watering shot !!!

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Great work!
Guessing soft box high on camera left, with a grid for the kick on right slightly behind scene?

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this is actually a composite of about 9-10 different images. Everything is shot separately with approximately the same light setup and and camera angle and then merged in Ps. For lighting I used 2 white panels, one camera right, one behind the subject lit by 2 strobes. As a fill I used a softbox, placed camera left and fill with a reflector. The glass was lit differently, but that's a different story. I'll try to make a BTS video in the future.

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Excellent comp. It's like the visual equivalent to the "wall of sound", with so much going on. Just one little niggle however, there is a dark line from the wood coming out of the top of the fries/wedges running up into the blue. Other than that I think this is excellent.

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great remark. you're right. missed that one.it's probably the edge of the frame with the glass. Thank you.

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amazing work!

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thank you

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The greens in your pic are so green ! that is really bringing the viewer in and grabbing the attention, off course the splash is good too !

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Very nice image!

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