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Vladimir Ladev's picture

Hey I apreciate your work. Can I ask about what kind of flash are you using here and what flash duration are you getting from it to freeze liwuids so crisp?

Sebastian Colibar's picture

Hey thank you. I'm using just regular speedlights at about 1/4 power.For this shot I used a Metz 48-AF and a Yongnuo Flash + reflectors. Most speedlights will give you sufficiently short flash duration for freezing liquids

wayan wamer's picture

Are using any softbox? Thanks

Doug Hill's picture

Fantastic splash shot! One thing I noticed is that the bottom glass has ice cubes in it but its reflection does not.

Sebastian Colibar's picture

The reflection is real, but I enhanced the shadows on the ice cubes in Ps and that's the cause probably

Doug Hill's picture

Got it. Thanks for the reply.

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