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i was trying to find a creative way to show these macaroons. I did not want to present them on a plate so I decided to make a composite in Ps. The macaroons were shot vertically, with a softbox to the right, a white fill card and an optical spot as a highlight.

Canon 6D
100mm · f/14.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Great shots!

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Thank you

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These look delicious. However, I find the spotlight/highlight on the right to be quite distracting. It's too bright and the upward direction of light is causing some nasty shadows (especially on the cream coloured macaroon). It almost gives that ghoulish horror movie uplight effect. It's not as bad on the blue one.

Is the slight 'deformity' in the middle of the lower shell of the blue one a photoshop issue, or a baking issue? See how the line of the shell seems to dip inward at the lowest (closest to camera) point? Either way, you could fix that in post to achieve a perfect curve.

Great images nonetheless.