This is what 4 hours of arranging look like. Used 5 strobes for this shot: one large overhead light as a main fill and 4 spots to bring out the main focus points of the image.

Canon 6D
35mm · f/8.0 · 1/125s · ISO 320
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Anonymous's picture

Stunning work Sebastian!

Sebastian Colibar's picture

Thank you!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

this is what we look for in food photography - if you want to eat it then the picture did its job ;)

Sebastian Colibar's picture

and it's well worth eating it - sooo good :)) thank you

Nikola Milasev's picture

Could someone please tell me where to look? Shadows and highlights are all over the place, my brain is trying to find a center spot of the picture (what they call a hero) but I can't find it. Actually, my eye constantly pops down and to the right, to that big red lid with a big, white highlight. Also, how about the space between the cutting boards - does EVERY inch of that space has to be covered with (surgically precise arranged) details?

Sebastian Colibar's picture

Well part of my idea was to arrange the elements in such a way that draws the eye around the image to discover new details all over the place. Maybe that red lid is a bit distracting but it only seems so when viewing the image on a small screen (phone). It didn't seem distracting on a big monitor or in print. Anyway tapas usually include a variety of foods so there is no hero. I'll try to focus on making things look more natural. Thank you

Anonymous's picture

Congrats Sebastian!

Ale Vidal's picture

Thank you for this. Love the vibrant colors, the composition, the general mood. Not sure about the lighting, shadows are going in many different directions. I understand the importance of emphasize some areas with strobes, but as still life photographer, it kinda distract me.

paul aparycki's picture

Appreciate the time that went into the arranging, but as pointed out there is no focal point, or at the very least "flow" . . . but absolutely the most annoying are the shadows going every which way. Looks like you spent hours on styling, and minutes on lighting.

Sebastian Colibar's picture

I actually spent a lot of time on lighting. The idea was to go against the rules. I realize it was a bit of a gamble and not everybody will appreciate that, but I have lots of images in my portfolio with "correct light" and I needed to come up with something new. Probably I've overdone it in this case. Thank you!