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Dorvena Red Wines

Composite of 2 shots: one take without the red highlights and one with. I had some weird color cast from the red gel and just added the red highlights in post. There there was the job of ceaning up and adding some highlights here and there

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Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Very cool Sebastian! I really like the depth that you've built with the wine glasses framing the shot. Nice touch with the red highlights as well.

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Thanks! The idea was to create an image that could be cropped in different formats: wide, square etc. I struggled to create a composition that would still look good in many formats.

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

It's always a struggle to create images that can be used in multiple crops. Job well done!

Gerd Moors's picture

Splendid work Sebastian.

Sebastian Colibar's picture

Thank you!

Gergö Nyirö's picture

Excellent, I would have just turned the left bottle ever so slightly anti-clockwise so the Brand name is more readable but maybe then the golden shine would completely disappear.