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Glenfiddich Single Malt

Focus stacking with using 5 flash heads combined with different light modifiers. Used a Canon tilt/shift 45mm lens shifted up for perspective correction. The rosemary is inspired by a cocktail called Rusty Nail that also contains daiquiri.

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wow....thanks guys

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Beautiful image, however a Rusty Nail is a mix of Drambuie and Whisky...and definitely no rosemary in it. Lol :-) I think a daiquiri is a rum based cocktail? You have some great work Sebastian.

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I'm definitively no bartender, but found the recipe in various places and I imagine it should be an interesting mix. Here's one example
Thanks for the appreciation!

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I'm thirsty just looking at it! Killer shot and stone and barn compliment and contrast the whisky perfectly, especially they way you kept them in shadow. Excellent work!

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Thank you. Hope you have some whisky at hand to quench your thirst :)

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Love this one!