experiment with dramatic lighting of a mussel. I used a optical spot coming from above and behind the subject, a small softbox to camera right and a white card as a front fill.

Canon 6D
100mm · f/11.0 · 1/160s · ISO 200
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Llewellyn Badham-Thornhill's picture

Great image, would have looked just a bit more tasty if you added a nice dripping sauce over the one side of the shell. Sorry just my input to just make it want able

Sebastian Colibar's picture

Well actually i planned to create a cinemagraph with sone artificial steam coming out of the mussel. I didn't edit that yet, but i will soon and leave a link in a comment. That is why the image is so simple. Thank you for the advice

Rob Lindsay's picture

Hi Sebastian -- love the lighting, color, "pose", but now it looks like the mussel is smoking. Would you try just a hint of water spray on the shell and the mussel itself? It feels a little dry to me.

Sebastian Colibar's picture

I actually had the exact same thought as I was shooting the image and I tried to add moisture to the "meat" but it created some weird highlights that were very distracting and I decided to go with this look. Good point though. Thank you

Hi Ody's picture

Love the 'cinemagraph'. Quite brilliant.

Llewellyn Badham-Thornhill's picture

Love it Sebastian well worked out

Chris 'stAn' Hargrave's picture

WOW! Great shot .
I love the simplicity of it

Sebastian Colibar's picture

Thank you!!!

Chris Mahon's picture

beautiful shot!

Jack O'Brien's picture

Very creative. Have come back to this photo a few times. "Concept imagination" and creative lighting...nice!